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ZANU PF (Yaparara Mhani) Breaking more International Laws

04 Feb 2020 at 15:08hrs | Views
By allegedly doing satan's bidding and Distributing Food along Party Lines, to poor impoverished people who are in total abject poverty, thanks to the ZANU PF's man made economic and humanitarian disaster.

It seems, Zimbabwe's Ratified, Treaty to the United Nations (UN) International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) is being Ravaged and Violated by ZANU PF to the detriment of ordinary Zimbabweans.  They are doing this even though they know it's illegal.  They know they have the Corrupted Justice System led by Justice Luke Malaba in their back pockets so, nothing will be done to them.

Summarised, ICESCR Article 9, is the Right to Social Security, recognising "the right of everyone to social security, including social insurance".  It requires Governments to provide some form of social insurance scheme to protect people against the risks of sickness, disability, maternity, employment injury, unemployment or old age; including survivors of freak events, orphans, and those who cannot afford health care; and to ensure that families are adequately supported.  Benefits from such a scheme must be adequate, accessible to all, and provided without discrimination.  The scheme, may be contributory and non-contributory, Community-based or mutual. (

ZANU PF's very own Nick Mangwana, seems to have failed to categorically refute the allegations that ZANU PF is distributing food along party lines.  This thus likely means that ZANU PF is using Food, for political gain and is letting innocent people starve even when there is no election planned.  It seems they (ZANU PF) are just doing this because, " THEY CAN."

Adding further insult to injury, most of the food that is being distributed was not even bought by ZANU PF or any Zimbabwean person or entity.  It is highly likely 80% is from international organisations and the rest 20% is from ZANU PF's 2% tax on remittances, especially those from the Diaspora.

This all comes as the, Oxford Educated (go figure) Mthuli Ncube Economics of Austerity have arguably sent, up to 10 million people across the length and breadth of Zimbabwe into abject poverty.  First they bring man made poverty, then the same ZANU PF withholds food from MDC and non ZANU PF members.  Such behavior is satanic and evil.

Parliamentary Candidate for Silobela Fanuel Sibindi of MDC has been so incensed by the actions of ZANU PF, he has taken ZANU PF to court.  This is all happening whilst ZANU PF is parading its POLARD (my opinion People Out to Loot Ravage and Destroy) stooges to the USA Embassy.

In light of the above, it seems ZANU PF thinks feeding the people of Zimbabwe can be seen as something they did and not something they must do.   There's a big difference between something you did and something you do.  When you did something it means, it was done one time and that's it.  As an example, the war of independence.  One cannot say, with hindsight the war of independence was something they did.  Liberation is something you do.  It gets done continually.  It is not an event.  It is an ongoing process.

Feeding the people too is something you do.  You don't do it one year and stop.  Unfortunately, human rights abuses and corruption is also something that you (ZANU PF) are doing.  To make human rights abuses and corruption something you did, will likely take for us, the people, to stop you.

Source - Thabo Makuyana
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