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A few dogs could be missing in Harare

04 Feb 2020 at 16:18hrs | Views
Since when did dog meat become and taste like game meat, bushbuck (mhembwe) for that matter. Only in Kuwadzana Extension in Harare where culinary fraud, call it, was recently committed by two enterprising young men.

Makes me wonder how fastfood people came up with hotdogs, maybe it was a hint pointing to the source of meat used. The 'dogpreneurs' had gotten their act right if it was not for one greedy urchin. The selling price was not bad at 15 US$ per carcass.

A Chihuahua would probably go for 5US$, very financially alluring. Quite a number of canines could be reported missing by now in Harare and its environs, no price for that. Do we have any butcheries selling game meat only?

Try sneaking at peeping at the back for tell-tale signs and new arrivals. I hear the other reveller went for the Doberman's liver and never regretted his pick. The others were braaing all day enjoying 'game meat', indeed bushmeat.

After all isn't all animals started in the bush till the day humans kidnapped or is it 'dognapped' the canines. Generous men may also have taken a couple meat portions to their fairer halves for lovey-dovey moments tugging at Boerbull roast.

Do dogs fall under livestock or authorities are having a hard time coming up with a charge for the two miscreants? Anyway, no more annoying stray dogs, 'dread' will take care of them. But let's ask those who ate, does goat meat stand a chance?

For me its goat meat for ever.

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Mash. Central.

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa
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