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Music is in the air, the birds are singing

04 Feb 2020 at 16:20hrs | Views
Philosophers have been vindicated, indeed the early bird catches the fattest worm.

In Mash. Central tobacco farmers who planted early are smiling all the way to 'the fields' where the tobacco crop is now gunning for the 14th or 18th leaf, a good crop indeed.

The recent rains and proper farming methods have seen the crop flourish. Those who had pulled out of tobacco farming are thinking twice but maybe too late for tears now. The season looks very promising.

Maize is doing fine as well with the first crop now above knee level and near tasselling.

From the 8th of January to date, it has been raining almost daily without fail. Of course the good rains come with attended problems, dirt roads are getting damaged with some places getting so muddy that small cars struggle to pass.

A few fields have crops showing insufficient inputs like fertilizers. Weeding is at its peak, a time many wives and daughters-in-law would rather be in towns and cities away from the offending weeds and hoes. The fishmongers are all smiles, the dams are very generous with their fish stocks.

Talk of a loving God. Even the novice angler is getting something to boast about and feast upon. Cotton is lush green and full of life. We hope the prices will be good. Summer is here, the countryside is looking beautifully green.

Music is in the air, the birds are singing joyfully.

Nature's delight.

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Chinehasha.

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa
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