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Do totems have a bearing on people's traits?

04 Feb 2020 at 16:20hrs | Views
The 'Chihera' women are well known for their poor anger management and sadomasochistic love for domestic violence.

Spouses of 'Chihelele' women as they are popularly known virtually live in hard hat area homes. If one may ask, do totems have a bearing on one's behaviour, character and finally traits?

We also have this totem clan, I shall not mention for fear of reprisals, who at the drop of a pin men scamper for cover retreating into fox holes, nooks and crevices.

Surprisingly the men's totem symbol is that fierce feline 'Emperor' of the forests. One then wonders how totems affect people's attitudes and even educational prowess.

At some watering hole in western suburbs of Harare, there was this motormouth guzzler (reminds me of the nutty Professor) who could hardly keep his hands to himself as he spoke none stop like a burst municipal pipe. He wanted every reveller to hear only him and paying full attention to his diatribe.

When some vertically challenged man questioned why only him, all hell broke loose.

The short guy was dressed down and told about 'where ge came from'. The guzzler boasted that he was a 'Nzou Samanyanga'  and would flatten 'shortas' with one kick.

Blows flew and those braaing pulled back for fear of friendly or unfriendly fire.

The dwarf jumped and locked his midget legs around the neck of his adversary bringing him down. The flamboyant know-it-all guy was now wheezing asthmatically fighting for breath. If it was not for the police, maybe another funeral.

Back to my question, how did the titanic 'Nzou' totem let motormouth down? May those of 'Soko' the primate stand up.

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Chinehasha.

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa
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