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Job Sikhala thanks Zimbabwe

05 Feb 2020 at 12:16hrs | Views
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people of Zimbabwe in your thousands who thronged Masvingo yesterday to stand with me during the commencement of my Treason trial.

You demonstrated the full show of solidarity strength. It was historic. It was never witnessed since time immemorial.

Despite threats, intimidation and blackmail you did not move an inch from your resolve to express the rights of our citizens to fight for what is good for this country. Our country has been under slavery for 40 years without recourse. Futures of generations destroyed.

Ten of thousands murdered by the regime by these same people who have been forcing themselves upon us. Poverty has become a normal phenomenon in our homes.

Joblessness has become our totem. Pennilessness is our daily bread. This situation can not be allowed to continue anymore. We have suffered enough. Enough is enough.

The statement was clear yesterday and does not need any oracle to interpret for us. Enough is Enough. This generation can not pass without liberating our country.

Attempts to use institutions of the State such as the judiciary to kill political expression is common only in pathetic dictatorships. Our country can not remain such forever.

Our struggle can not be won on deceit. Total commitment and keeping eyes on the ball is now my focus.

Wherever the struggle is at a certain level in all histories of the people's struggle GOSSIPERS, prawl to derail the dreams of a nation. I saw wicked GOSSIPERS clinching to desperation on interpreting your mass solidarity.

Others even colluding with state security intelligence to stop you from fulfilling your desire to stand with me. It is noticed. My advice to you all is that please ignore those who live in illusions and remain focused.

GOSSIPERS are a weak link between the people's struggle and their political failings. They start looking for shadows everywhere.

They manufacture idiotic stories to divide the house through their wicked efforts. They hate others for the good they do for someone. Don't be dissuaded good people.

Ours is the people's struggle of the downtrodden and the poor of the poorest. Our dream to reach the promised can no longer be postponed or derailed by GOSSIPERS.

Gossipers are spreaders of evil and watch them wherever you are. Look them directly into their eyes and tell them OFF.

We are waiting for the day of judgment on the challenge we posed to the charge, that it is not criminal for any opposition leader to seek the ouster of your opponent. Self created lawyers were salivating and giving pedestrian views when they never passed through a law school. As a practising lawyer on daily basis I know there is no crime in seeking the removal of an opponent from power.

These perforated ZANU-PF hoodlums in their unschooled mind thinks that Mnangagwa is government or the State. This tragedy has been with Africa for long, where presidents have been equated to governments or the State. For goodness sake they are not.

So brilliant was my lead Counsel Beatrice Mtetwa that she did not enlight the State of Zimbabwe alone but Africa as the whole that idiot supporters of the incumbent governments must stop conflating the State and government to an individual. My lead Counsel was a Rockstar yesterday.

I received a message from one of the diplomats who came all the way from Harare to observe the trial, saying the jurisprudence on constitutionalism expounded by Beatrice was a masterstroke.

Such are legal concepts available only to those who had an opportunity to study deeper legal studies distinguishing how constitutionalism advances the rule of law, democracy and good governance.

The judgement is going to be delivered on an important day, the 14th of February 2020.

It will be the second anniversary in commemoration of the founder and father of democracy in Zimbabwe the Great unifier who put the MDC family together and people first before his individual desires on what the MDC was on its formative stages President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

Save mirai neni musi uyu mundisunugure kubva mumikanwa wemapumhi aya meaning the late Morgan Tsvangirai stand by me and exonerate me from these evil people who are accusing me of something that i didnt do. Vanhu vaya varikungoita madiro aGeorgina nenyika yechizvarwa meaning these people are doing what they want with our motherland.

Nditaririreiwo musi uyu Baba vedu meaning take care of me my father. Inga ndimi makauya kumba mukati mwana wangu, huya tipedzise zvatakatanga tose meaning isn't you are the one who came to me on that day and asked me to come back and join you in finishing the journey to freedom.

Mhumi idzi dzinoda hugandanga wako padhuze neni. Inga handina kuramba wani Baba. Zuva iri ndokumbirawo ziso renyu meaning these evil people want to commit their atrocities on my person. I did not refuse the struggle my father please watch over me.

It is also the day of love. The day of St. Valentine. Those who love each other shall be in happiness. Can the devil deny me happiness on this great day. Only God knows.

Thank you once again great and good people. People power will never be stopped by the cheapness of our talk. The regime's days are numbered.

I thank you.

Source - Hon Job Wiwa Sikhala
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