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Perence Shiri's bloody history detailed

12 Feb 2020 at 15:40hrs | Views
Perence Shiri is a man who operated in the Gaza front line during the liberation war, this area was largely Mashonaland central, he became some sort of legend and hero in the Mashonaland Central province. It came as no surprise that he was appointed as political head of Mashonaland Central in ZANU PF. The people of Mashonaland Central were thrilled as their liberator and hero had been assigned to lead the province in an economic revolution. Little did they know that the man who had championed liberation had turned killer, greedy oppressor, and suppressor of the People's freedoms. Mashonaland Central is most probably the only province were Perence Shiri was viewed as a liberator, his role in Gukurahundi made him public enemy in Matebeleland provinces and other areas. Mashonaland Central gave him the benefit of the doubt and welcomed him because of his role in the province during the liberation struggle.

The People of Mashonaland Central had faith and hope in Perence Shiri only to be left with egg on their faces, as their hero turned out to be a zero.

Perence Shiri has presided over the destabilisation of zanu pf in Mashonaland Central. He equally presided over the looting of resources in Mashonaland Central, disenfranchising bona fide sons and Daughters of Mashonaland Central.

A British Rhodesian sell out

Some have labeled Perence Shiri as a fake hero. They labeled Perence as a fake hero after the military commander behind the worst atrocities of Robert Mugabe's rule in Zimbabwe was invited to study at the British Ministry of Defence's most prestigious college.

The invitation came barely a year after Perence Shiri led the fifth Brigade a force that committed the most serious crimes against humanity in Zimbabwe.

Shiri commanded the 5th Brigade which carried out a reign of terror in Matabeleland during 1983 and 1984. The slaughter claimed thousands of civilian lives and thousands more were tortured. This brigade left a huge black dent on Mugabe's rule, Perence Shiri single-handedly ruined Mugabe's legacy through 5 Brigade and the orders he gave on the ground.

Despite this, in 1986, Shiri took up a place at the Royal College of Defence Studies in London, an institution that describes itself as "the senior Defence academic institution in the United Kingdom. The most prestigious institution of its kind in the world". Comrades wondered why Perence Shiri took up the offer, some questioned if he had been loyal to the revolution or the British were finally rewarding their mole.

BMATT commander General Sir Edward Jones, who commanded the British Military Advisory and Training team from 1983 to 1985, tells spoke highly of Perence Shiri he said: "Undoubtedly he was the man who was going to be important in Zimbabwe and I think it was important that we should influence him positively in so far as we could." This statement by a British General exposed Perence Shiri as a double agent who had been under British influence. Questions remain unĂ nswered on who was selling out comrades during the liberation struggle, is it not British Rhodesian boy Perence??

The black history

Perence Shiri who is known as  "Black Jesus"
Shiri went on to command the Zimbabwe Airforce. He took over from Josiah Tungamirai who ran a professional and organised entity that could account for resources allocated. Perence Shiri on the other hand as air force commander was a law unto himself, accountable to no one not even General Zvinavashe.

Perence Shiri is single-handedly responsible for all the blemishes on Mugabe's rule. Perence Shiri led the initial  disorganized farm invasions by war veterans together with Chenjarai Hundzvi, which destroyed the breadbasket status of Zimbabwe. Many white farmers are said to have been killed during the period at the instruction of Shiri.

Perence Shiri's operations were ruthless and chaotic that it comes as a shock to have him as a full minister in a new dispensation cabinet.

Eyewitnesses say During the campaign of terror in Matabeleland in 1983 and 1984 he was known as "Black Jesus", Shiri selected women in Silobela village in 1983 to be taken away to be raped, and to another who saw Shiri beat an old man unconscious.

The same character was expressed in the violent and unruly land reform program that was directed by Perence Shiri.

2008 Perence Shiri commanded forces that tortured people for voting for Tsvangirai, Perence Shiri is single-handedly responsible for the violence that rocked Zimbabwe in 2008. Legend has it that he personally tortured Morgan Tsvangirai in the dark rooms of Harare central police station.

Jumbo mine
The ruthless hand of Perence Shiri has been visible in the decay of Mashonaland Central.

Godfrey Tsenengamu has every right to be furious at the political leadership over the events at Jumbo mine. Young people have been digging for gold at Jumbo mine for years and there were no reports of machete gangs or violence at the mineral-rich mine.

Things changed when Perence Shiri invited outsiders who planted machete gangs at Jumbo mine so that Kazembe Kazembe as Minister Home Affairs would deploy a crack team and drive the sons of Mashonaland central out of Jumbo mine paving way for outsiders who only want to loot the resources of Mashonaland Central without giving opportunities to the Sons and Daughters of the province.

Godfrey Tsenengamu failed to deal with Perence Shiri and Kazembe Kazembe ad they were his political seniors in the province, he opted to hammer the beneficiary of their actions who happens to be Kuda Tagwirei.

Kenneth Musashi could have turned Jumbo mine into an opportunity hub for all sons and Daughters of Mashonaland Central but the greedy cabal of Perence Shiri, Kazembe Kazembe and Mai Mavhunga chose to empower Tagwirei ahead of Musanhi, Tsenengamu and sons of Mashonaland Central.

Farms are grabbed on a daily basis, Mashonaland Central war veterans have been kicked off their productive lands, the youth have displaced and even heavyweights such as Saviour Kasukuwere are under attack on their own farmland.

Perence Shiri is using his Ministry of Lands and Agriculture position to punish those who do not support his agenda and that of his lackey Kazembe Kazembe.

Mashonaland Central has lost all hope that Perence Shiri has the best interests of the province and its people at heart. The people of Mashonaland Central have tried to voice their displeasure. They have demonstrated their anger and frustration through boycotting ZANU PF programs in Mashonaland Central and at the National level.

The People refuse to participate in party programs when their sons and Daughters such as Chen Chimutengwende are sidelined from issues pertaining to the province, kingpins such as Kenneth Musanhi are treated as outsiders, Nicholas Goche is reduced to an ordinary party member when he has invested his time and life towards the development of Mashonaland Central.

Economic development in Mashonaland Central has slowed down drastically. The people now feel the need for proper representation at the National level. Mashonaland Central brings significant numbers and votes to the ZANU PF table, yet the province has been relegated to a third class citizen's province. Perence Shiri, Kazembe Kazembe and Mai Mavhunga have failed to stand for and initiate development programs for the people of Mashonaland Central. They serve their own personal interests and advance the interests of outsiders such as Kuda Tagwirei at the expense of the sons and Daughters of Mashonaland Central.

Perence Shiri as a liberator and father figure should be uniting the people of Mash Central. Unfortunately, he and Kazembe Kazembe have arrogantly cast aside those who are popular at grassroots level. They have incapacitated genuine war vets who have popular support, they imposed an unelectable provincial commissar upon the people, further driving a wedge between the people of Mashonaland Central.

Perence Shiri is a failed leader who needs to go to the Chitepo School of ideology to get a refresher course on the ideals of the struggle and tactics of "gutsaruzhinji".

Perence Shiri and Kazembe Kazembe need to wake up and smell the coffee before ZANU PF loses all the support it has enjoyed since the days of Ushewokunze, Border Gezi, Elliot Manyika and Saviour Kasukuwere.

Mashonaland Central needs political intervention and it is time that the Presidium took the concerns of the people seriously. Mashonaland Central is an important province in the political and agricultural puzzle of the Zimbabwe matrix. Political negligence and indifference to the will of the people in Mashonaland Central is suicidal and will haunt this administration sooner rather than later.

Source - Dr S. Utete
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