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Open letter to Dr Thokozani Khupe

24 Feb 2020 at 06:16hrs | Views
Dear Dr Khupe

Greetings and complements of the new year, hoping that all is well with you.

I'm a concerned Christian and founding ordinary member of the Movement for Democratic Change, and I'm addressing this letter to you because according to Sections 9.2.1(b) and 9.21.1 of the MDC Constitution, and as confirmed by the High Court of Zimbabwe in the matter between Elias Mashavira versus Nelson Chamisa and three others, you're the undisputed Acting President, pending an Extraordinary Congress, of the party that we formed together in 1999 and whose last Congress was held at the Harare City Sports Centre from 31st of October to the 1st of November 2014.

While I congratulate and salute you for your spirited, commendable and successful effort to defend the MDC-T brand of the Party and its sacred constitution from Nelson Chamisa and his G40 allies who were tearing them apart, and at great personal danger to yourself following the death of Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai (MHDSRIP) two years ago, please allow me to draw your attention to a higher responsibility that has now been placed before you by divine providence, which responsibility you must not fail to execute.

In the same manner that God providentially placed Joseph in the house of Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, ahead of time, and later used him to save his family back home in Israel from the most severe famine of that time, you also bear a similar responsibility, through the POLAD forum, which forum was not a creation of man but of divine providence for Jehovah's purposes, to influence government policy with other members thereof and save the suffering masses of Zimbabwe from a slow but sure death.

The toxic combination of, and heatwave from, endemic corruption, misgovernment, well crafted sanctions and the impending famine, following a possible successive drought year that is still loading, have placed the poor and vulnerable citizens of our country in a difficult corner from which there is no relief except by divine intervention only.

Furthermore, following successive years of continuous bloodshed and false worship, our country is now in a state of defilement, and has filled up the cup of Jehovah's wrath, hence the suffering, and at a time when God is fulfilling yet another of His most profound end of time prophecies that will soon be felt by the entire inhabited world.

Yet, true to His word and because of His amazing grace, God has always put in strategic places men and women throughout the generations of mankind that He uses to hide and shield His faithfuls whenever He comes out of His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity; when He demands disclosure of all shed blood, and all the slain to be uncovered, (Isaiah 26:20-21).

The absence of Nelson Chamisa and the Zimbabwe Council of Churches on the POLAD forum and your presence there, together with your lawyer, Dr Lovemore Madhuku, one of the best constitutional lawyers to ever come out of our land, were all by God's design to save His people without undue influence or contribution from false prophets and rogue politicians who thrive on the people's suffering.

So, fear not, no weapon fashioned against you shall prevail. What you shall say at POLAD will be listened to and taken on board by the government of the day, for many Zimbabweans, DMTL and all MDC structures are now fully behind you. Your voice has already been strengthened and wisdom given you by the same God who rescued you from breast cancer and from Nelson Chamisa's vanguards who wanted to burn you alive at Tsvangirai's funeral.

Trust in Jehovah alone, He will guide and protect you, just as He has done before.

Yours faithfully

Allan Wenyika

Source - Allan Wenyika
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