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Nhlanhla Ndiweni's hidden agenda to appease his handlers exposed

26 Feb 2020 at 08:44hrs | Views
The collective voice of condemnation of the mischievous statement by the dethroned former Chief of Ntabazinduna must be amplified for the record. In not hidden agenda to appease his handlers in Chamisa's MDC Ndiweni purports to offer forgiveness to the murderous Enos Nkala and to claim that Gukurahundi was a national problem targeting both Shonas and Ndebeles. His lame argument recklessly spewed as part of the hopeless revisionist agenda on tribal and ethnic genocide must be dismissed as the ramblings of a man trying hard to appease his so-called People's President in the name of one Chamisa whose disdain for Matabeleland is an open secret.

Ndiweni who spent most of his years in the United Kingdom, is totally out of touch with reality and has mistaken the respect we had for him for a licence to be an illegitimate King. The genuine victims of Gukurahundi unrepresented in that Collective charade of apologists are clear that the only hand that can close the chapter of Gukurahundi is that of justice. All the side-shows and so-called fast track burials are a sheer worst of time and the Judases who seek to profit from the genocide of Gukurahundi are misleading their benefactors. When our relatives were slaughtered in cold blood like dogs with rabies, they parting demand as they close their eyes in undeserved death was that we the living must seek justice and answers. Not money or fame. Their bones neglected for years, left to the elements and desecrated cannot today by an urgent agenda to be fast tracked. An independent commission must be established to ascertain how they died. Anything else is a child's play and these organizations being paid to sanitize Gukurahundi and speak glowingly of its architects  are nothing but an obscene insult to all the victims.

Ndiweni must show us a mass grave in Mashonaland of people killed after independence. There are many reports that have been verified of how Shona speakers were spared by the Zanu-PF militia. When it comes to Gukurahundi even the late Joshua Nkomo's views and words are inconsequential. The final word belong not to some obscure collective of hungry nonentities or the architects and perpetrators of gukurahundi. It belongs to the victims. I will never forgive Enos Nkala even if he was related to angels. His deeds so vile and evil must forever be a rebuke to those who for thirty pieces of silver are prepared to sell their soul. He is a footnote in Hitler's genocidal manual. T

Ndiweni believes that his voice represents the people of Matabeleland. His voice represents Chamisa's MDC with all is reprehensible corruption. To argue that Gukurahundi was not tribal war because Joshua Nkomo said so from Britain is hallucinations. Gukurahundi was not a disturbance. Gukurahundi was not a civil war. Gukurahundi was a cruel agenda to eliminate Mthwakazi. It was genocide and international scholars has classified it rightly as genocide. Ndiweni must leave political matters and stop becoming a nuisance and a bother with irreverent and irrelevant comments.

Yours fiathfully,
Q. Dube

Source - Qinisela Dube
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