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Open letter to Dr. Bettina Metz

01 Mar 2020 at 08:53hrs | Views
Dear Dr. Metz,

I am writing you this letter to put to your attention painful issues regarding domestic violence on women and girl-children in Zimbabwe and is going from bad to worse every day: It is becoming unbearable. I am sure it is high time we ask for assistance from you in the UN to assist us in our absolute desperation. We need your assistance in Zimbabwe immediately.

I am in contact with two women in Zimbabwe: Chantelle Muteswa and her friend Priscilla Chigariro, whose children have been abducted by their husbands and partners from them: leaving the mothers in total despair and helplessness. The courts ruled their cases in their favour and these two women got bona fide custody of childcare from the Magistrate courts. Even though they have bona fide rights to custody of their children, these two men disregard the law and court orders and refuse to give up the children to their rightful custody: the mothers. These are not isolated cases of domestic violence against women and children, they are thousands of them in the same situation.

There is a similar case going on in Zimbabwe social media of a woman called Mrs. Marry Chiwenga, was customarily married to Vice President of Zimbabwe: General Constantine Chiwenga. Upon arrival in December 2019, from China for 6 months treatment, he ordered the army to arrest his wife Marry (please see the links below) and he abducted the children while Marry was in prison. On Friday the 24th of January 2020, the courts ruled the case in favour of his wife Marry she has bona fide custody of the children from the courts. Again, just like other cases of these two women I am talking about, the whole General and Vice President Chiwenga refuses to let the three children unite with their mother, Marry. This situation affects many women in Zimbabwe, and it has left thousands of women in distress and despair.

Six months ago, Zimbabwe witnessed a serious and sad case of divorce proceedings of the second Vice President of Zimbabwe, Kembo Mohadi and his wife Senator Tambudzani Mohadi. To make the story short, the second Vice President went to his wife's home and he broke the door with an axe, was holding a shotgun and he nearly shot her short range. He was apprehended by his security details. (please see the links below and you can find these cases on google too) If top civil servants of the land can violently treat their wives so badly at the glare of the social media, what about ordinary citizens in private homes: It is even worse.

Coming back to the cases of Ms Chantelle Muteswa and her friend Ms Priscilla Chigariro, these women have court letters as evidence of custodianship to their children, but the police and other authorities are not in a position to effect the court orders because these irresponsible fathers have power and money to corrupt the army and police and can act with impunity, they act above the law of the land of Zimbabwe.

It is for this reason I am asking your Mrs. Metz, and your organisation to assist in this case by whatever means in your power. Let the UN know about our desperate plight of domestic violence in nature so that you can assist us in whatever way to alleviate our situation in Zimbabwe. Ms Chantelle Muteswa demands the right to custody as per the court orders. Sending warning shots to the government of Zimbabwe at UN level, that the world is watching them, will change a lot on the ground. I am sure you have other means to solve such domestic violence cases as Ms Chantelle Muteswa's and her friend that I may not know. I will appreciate any kind of assistance from your office.

Abuse of this magnitude on women and children is not normal and it should never be tolerated by all civilized nations in the world. Zimbabwe is a member of the UN organisation. I can imagine that it will be possible for you to take this case up and assist us in our plight. Domestic violence has become a scourge in our societies that needs international attention.

We do have Women's organisations in Zimbabwe. I have asked them several times to assist and at least voice their disapproval of domestic violence. In high profile cases they fear to do anything. I do understand their fear to do anything to assist even to give voice of disapproval. If they did voice their disapproval, it may cause harm to their families and them. It is easier for me to write on social media because I live in Bremen and I do write articles extensively in the Zimbabwe social media highlighting all forms of violence on women and children.

About our small children, girls and young women who are subjected to abuse of all kinds: sexual violence, corporal punishment, deprivation of adequate daily childhood needs and early marriages. We leave these issues for another day Mrs. Metz. I will be happy if you assist in these cases of Ms. Chantelle Muteswa and Ms. Priscilla Chigariro. Your assistance can also help thousands of cases of women in similar situation like these two women.

Below I attached links that will help in understanding the plight of women in Zimbabwe. I will attach this letter to Terre's des Hommes in Berlin and Amnesty International in Bremen.

Ms. Chantelle Muteswa gave me a mandate in letter writing, it can be used as evidence of her case at any media communications in your circles. I have a video of the two women that I can send you upon request.

I am sure you are a busy person Mrs. Metz, and my letter is long. I had to write this long letter to explain our situation in Zimbabwe better.

I hope to hear from your soon
Best regards

Nomazulu Thata
Chairperson Ntombi-Langa e. V.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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