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MDC-Alliance's violent machinations must be resisted

03 Mar 2020 at 05:49hrs | Views
ATTEMPTS by the MDC Alliance to throw the country into lawlessness should be resisted by all Zimbabweans especially in Bulawayo where the effects of such actions are still being felt.  

Bulawayo was the worst affected province when the party unleashed a wave of violence in the country in January last year that resulted in wanton destruction of property leading to some businesses closing down due to losses incurred during the orgy.

A policeman was also killed during the illegal demonstrations.

The Government came to the rescue of the affected businesses by launching the $30 million emergency relief loan fund to assist businesses and shop owners whose outlets had been destroyed and looted during the violent protests.  

Details emerging for the MDC Alliance indicate that the party has been holding meetings in Bulawayo in preparation for a "beat the pots" street action by the formation's women's assembly.

The "beat the pots" concept is borrowed from Dr Thokozani Khupe who led it in 2016 while she was still deputising the late Mr Morgan Tsvangirai in the MDC.  The march was a huge failure then and there are fears that this time it is being used as a means to an end which is to torch spontaneous demonstrations that would lead to destruction of property and harm to members of the community.

 The action has been planned for evenings as part of the plot by the opposition party to degenerate into violence and for the demonstrators to easily melt into the dark. It is said the party is in the process of organising its structures from the ward, district right up to province to ensure that when the "beat the pots" start, the violence erupts to create a false impression that the illegal demo was spontaneous.  

While MDC Alliance Bulawayo provincial spokesperson Mr Swithern Chirowodza dismissed reports that the party was planning the illegal demos, as "speculation and fumbling in the dark" investigations have revealed that the women's assembly held a meeting late last week to plan for the illegal demos.  

The meeting also came at a time when Mr Chamisa declared, at a Press conference in Harare last month, that his party is planning to plunge the country into an orgy of violence as it has abandoned its calls for dialogue with Zanu-PF outside the Political Actors Dialogue (Polad).  

Prior to the Press conference, Mr Chamisa toured the party's provincial structures and held closed door meetings where he reportedly told them of their new strategy of engaging in "spontaneous" violent demonstrations. In the meetings, Mr Chamisa also reportedly told party members that they would not notify the police of their intentions to hold demos as required by the law.

At the Press conference in Harare, Mr Chamisa said his party was ignoring advice to prepare for the 2023 elections but was going for a "radical" and "disruptive" approach.  

"Now we are drawing the line in the sand, even in the party I have told them, we will not continue on this path of talking about dialogue, we must be able to resolve this issue once and for all and you will see more of the people taking to the streets, you will see more people acting now more than ever before," said Mr Chamisa.

"We are going to do a raft of activities and you will see them across in communities throughout the country. The people know the task ahead and they know that the task is not easy, they are determined to rescue their country, people are ready to fight, they are ready for a big fight, they are ready to defend their rights, they're ready for actions that are going to give them freedom.  

"Ultimately the people have the right to protest, all we have to do is to provide the oxygen to the demand of that protest and that oxygen we will provide to those who are willing to participate, we will make sure we provide leadership and that will be provided."

And true to his word, on the day of the Press conference, MDC Alliance supporters engaged in a demo in Harare that was quickly dispersed.  

At the weekend, MDC-A youths disrupted business in parts of Chitungwiza after staging an unsanctioned demonstration, which was, however, promptly put down by police, leading to the arrest of 11 members of the opposition party.

Before being dispersed, mobs besieged several shopping centres in the dormitory town while a Zupco bus was also stoned, causing substantial damage to its windscreen. Witnesses said the violence was seemingly choreographed as it quickly spread to other parts of the town.

It is important for Zimbabweans to shun the destructive activities of the opposition MDC Alliance whose agenda is to use violence in an attempt to remain relevant in the country's politics.

Mr Chamisa lost to President Mnangagwa in the 2018 elections and his court challenge seeking to nullify the outcome of the polls hit a brick wall and no amount of violence will smuggle him into the corridors of power.

President Mnangagwa has extended an olive branch to Mr Chamisa to join other parties for dialogue under the Polad, a gesture which the MDC Alliance leader has repeatedly rejected.  He has instead demanded talks outside Polad, demanding special treatment as if the President requires his mandate to lead the country.

Zimbabweans spoke in the 2018 elections and gave President Mnangagwa a five-year mandate to turn around the fortunes of the country.  Never before has a Head of State been open to dialogue as President Mnangagwa has done during his reign.

It is on such platforms that Zimbabweans must come together and share ideas on how to take the country forward and not try to hold the country hostage by engaging in violence that would only bring ruin to the nation.

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