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Violent MDC hooligans at it again

03 Mar 2020 at 12:14hrs | Views
Over the weekend MDC youths caused mayhem in St Marys Chitungwiza at the instigation of their violent member of parliament Job Sikhala. The MDC yobs started burning tyres, blocking roads and apparently stoned a Zupco bus that plies the St Marys-town route.

What is interesting is that MDC supporters are happy to be used by their leaders to their detriment because as we speak 11 youths were arrested following the mayhem. Now, they have to face the music on their own.

It's amazing to witness sane people acting in such a retrogressive manner vandalising resources that Government is giving people so as to ease their lives' burdens.

Zupco buses have eased the burden of transport costs on an already hard-pressed populace. It was surprising to hear that Zupco buses where stoned by the MDC hooligans in St Marys. So after stoning the buses what happens next? One would ask. How do they expect Government to react? If the buses are taken away from the St Marys-Harare route, who do they have to blame but themselves?

The MDC leadership should shoulder blame for the violence in St Marys. Sikhala and Tendai Biti, the MDC vice president and even Nelson Chamisa himself have been angling for a fight with government and l am sure this is just the beginning of their violence.

Misguided MDC elements seem to think violence and vandalising property will unseat a duly elected government. Law enforcement agents are obviously not going to fold their arms, they are going to protect the people from harm and maintain peace and order in the community. It is with this in mind that the security forces should not let vandals win the day.

Zimbabwe experienced violent jaunts in January last year and in August 2018 where several people died and the careless MDC leaders are at it again. All they care about is themselves.
The painful part about everything is that the MDC leadership uses young people in the violent demos. The youths are paid with cheap illicit beer and are oblivious that they are being used for selfish ends.

These hooliganism tendencies tend to disturb the day to day businesses of people like vendors who lose out on a days' work. Even shops get to close down as a result and this is not good for business. What the MDC does not want is for peace and stability to prevail in the country because peace and stability would means that the Government is doing a good job. We all know that these latest antics are meant to be a prelude of the US meeting in the near future with a view to extending illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe.

What the youths are forgetting is that after acting the way they do they end up in prison and the people who would have incited them to go to the streets and vandalise property will not be there to bail them out or take care of their hospital fees.

Zimbabwe remains a peaceful country and the MDC should not be allowed to disturb that peace so as to achieve their egotistical ambitions.

Source - Taurai Mazwi
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