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Matemadanda blasts Mukupe as ungrateful spoiled child

04 Mar 2020 at 07:04hrs | Views
Some youths have become the prisoners of erratic selfish morons known for demanding loyalty and recognition but not famous for repaying it.

ZANU PF through comrade Emerson Mnangagwa has empowered the youth in many aspects of political stages and are still in the process of such empowerment. Sadly some youth are too quick to be drunk with power and and obscenely point at their mothers with their tiny little manwoods. This is revulsive obscene and indeed flabbergasting and deeply depressing. The behaviour of some of the youth is indeed knee shacking disgusting and indeed obnoxious.

One cannot rule out a third force aimed against ZANU PF and Zimbabwe.
As the action wound to a climax on the social media with Mukupe becoming the latest prodigal son cde Matemadanda the behaviour of Mukupe was "tearing this country apart".

Then, just to be sure, they put the crowbar in and pulled at the breach, declaring that by taking to the social Media attacking the party Terrence Mukupe is seeking to "disenfranchise" everyone who had voted for the president in 2018.

Comrade Matemadanda called  for a moment of silence to "remember the voices of the millions  of voters Mukupe today are wanting to silence by his devilish predictions that ED will lose to Chamisa today if elections are are to be held now. Mukupe has criticised the president of Zimbabwe calling him a dictator who trampled on the constitution of the party without shame. Mukupe accuses Mnangagwa for being unconstitutional by appointing the politburo members who command no public support at all. In his social media audio Mukupe singles out Obert Mpofu. Cde Kashiri as losers who will never attract two voters to their side. He stated clearly that Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri was beaten in the primaries and only bounced back through cronyism. Mukupe attributed his failure to win his seat to the betrayal by the police and prison guards who did not want Mnangagwa.

In his subsequent interview Mukupe blasted ZANU PF far causing the suffering of the people by appointing Mthuli as the minister of Finance.

If there is a political price to be paid by The youth for taking on the party they are determined to exact it. But in the process, they revealed themselves to be prisoners of a wounded, erratic system known for demanding loyalty and recognition but not famous for repaying it. As the youth erratic behaviour unfolded, it led to a party heading into the 2023 election never more obedient to Its cause and it's leadership.

Cde Matemadanda in response insisted, that ZANU PF embodies everyone who LOVES THE PARTY and cherishes the freedom we have while the errant misguided youths stood for no one, or at best for a disembodied elite, or politically irrelevant classes who live in parts of the country that somehow don't count.

"This lawless partisan outbursts by Mukupe and those he represents is a political suicide march engaged by the bunch of losers picking Mukupe as their mouth piece.

Cde Matemadanda has declared that ZANU PF is not in a losing path. Currently the party is calling all progressive Zimbabweans to rally around the party in order to achieve the goals in the best interest of the people of Zimbabwe.

If one of Zimbabwe's major political parties is marching toward its political doom, it might just be the one that saw, in any allegation of wrongdoing by its leader, an existential threat to millions of voters - the party that under Its youthful leaders has been steadily shrinking, ageing and being drained of all color.

The anxiety of the Mukupe and his team's position was palpable during their efforts to present their minority case as the majority case, and in their strenuous sales pitch of uncouth betrayal of the party as a form of populism.

This new behaviour by the few who are sponsored by the enemies within the party is meant to undermine the efforts of the Commissariat department. But ZANU PF is not threatened by the footsteps of the cockroaches.

"There's been a lot of talk about the economic meltdown Little talk about the recovery and improvements in many sectors of our lives and economy.

"One day in the not too distant future Mukupe and those supporting him will be watching in iwe as the ZANU PF train will pass through roll in March on in the victory rhythm "ZIMBABWE will wake up and say, "We did this for OUR good and our future.

Matemadanda challenges Mukupe to bring his concerns to the party if they were genuine and not the result of a crusade to destroy ZANU PF.

"For most reasonable Zimbabweans the waffling by Mukupe and his team  doesn't make a dime's worth of difference,"  Matemadanda said
While support for a fight against corruption has grown radically since the new dispensation, people were right about the country being divided. But having seen the fight being supported by the president the noise being made by Mukupe is pregnant with disdain and scorn.

"This social media crazy stampeed by Mukupe Tsengenamu and their handlers has divided this nation without any concern for the repercussions.

The division predated the corruption fight But the repercussions have yet to fall.
People are confusing the fight against corruption with political delinquency.
ZANU PF has always respected the rule of law and always been the champions of human rights.
Matemadanda states that ZANU PF is not at its weakest point now as Mukupe has stated. This thought is the figment of Mukupe's shallow imagination.

If a whole man like Mukupe blames the police for his loss then he needs his brains to be examined.
Terrence was appointed deputy minister of Finance and his impact was absent. All he could say was the position of a deputy minister is useless and thus not effective. Grapes are not good syndrome.
While ZANU PF is battling serious challenges in the nation this does not spell doom for ED.

ED has shown his statesmanship he has invited all stake holders to discuss a way forward. The belief that Chamisa is the only person in opposition is clearly a sponsored narrative which Mukupe is selling to the people. Zimbabwe will never be a colony again and 2023 ED will lead us to victory.
As for Mukupe and those around him they have to wait and see the wheels of freedom rolling across the nation.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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