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'Have passion to repair stadia' insist Coventry - butterfly metamorphosed into caterpillar c/w ED regalia and scarf

10 Mar 2020 at 16:17hrs | Views
Power corrupts and absolute power - it does not get any more absolute than in Zimbabwe where those in power are accountable to no one and so have done as they pleased for 40 years and counting - corrupts absolutely.

Before her appointment as Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture in September 2018, Kirsty Coventry was a decent person, one of us ordinary Zimbabweans. Asked, she would have castigated the Zanu PF as a party of corrupt, incompetent, vote rigging and murderous thugs; without a moment's hesitation. She has since changed.

The day she receive her invitation to join the Zanu PF cabinet, received the keys of the ministerial limo, she metamorphosed from the graceful butterfly into the ugly eat-everything caterpillar. A brush against her bristling hairs will give you a rash!

Kirsty Coventry, like Professor Mthuli Ncube, were invited into the Mnangagwa cabinet of corrupt and murderous thugs to give it a human and intellectual face. Coventry and Ncube knew that and, just to prove they understood their principle role of sprucing up Zanu PF's image, they have, in all they have done if not in words too, endorsed the July 2018 elections as having been free, fair and credible.

After a year and half on the Zanu PF gravy train, hobnobbing with the Zanu PF thugs, the transformation of Kirsty Coventry is complete; she now thinks and talks nonsense just like any other seasoned Zanu PF thug!

"Local government (ministry) and municipalities own and operate our sports facilities and it has been up to that federation to organise the event. The Ministry of Sport, despite it being sport, has had no role to play," said Minister Coventry.

"Good news: It has finally been agreed that the ownership and operations of the National Sports Stadium in Zimbabwe will now be transferred to the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Art and Recreation. We have the experience and passion to now use this opportunity for Zimbabwe to become a sporting powerhouse."

What a truck load of bull!

Is she telling us that she did not know the sorry state of decay and rot of National Stadium - the same can be said of everything else including hospitals, schools, roads, railway, you name - until now!

The country is broke, those refurbishing the stadium will want to be paid in money and not your royal highness' "experience and passion!"

Zimbabwe is facing an serious economic meltdown; unemployment has soared to 90% and basic services like education and health have all but collapsed. 34% of our people now live in extreme poverty, they cannot afford one decent meal a day much less other basic necessities such as shelter and health care. Whatever money the country has it must be used to revive the economy, the health care service, etc. before one dollar is spend on such things as sporting stadium.

The threat of coronavirus outbreak is hanging over the nation's head like an ominous monster storm, your continued wittering about the stadium is an annoying  distraction. Just because you and your fellow ruling elite can afford health care service outside the country does not meaning we must abandon the millions out there who have no choice but used the non-existent local service.

Zimbabwe is a pariah state ruled by corrupt, incompetent, vote rigging and murderous tyrants and you are nothing more than pompous mascot paid, and paid well, to pretend Zimbabwe is a healthy and functioning democracy. Zimbabwe's economic recovery and, indeed, the country's very survival depends of dismantling the dictatorship which you are propping up. Madam, you need to get off your high horse and smell the coffee!

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