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'It takes more than just Closing Schools and Tertial Institutions,' Mnangagwa told

20 Mar 2020 at 09:58hrs | Views
ZANU PF leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa has ordered the closure of all schools and tertiary institutions in the country on Tuesday 24 March as a precautionary measure to curb the widespread of COVID-19.

This move has left many confused since Mnangagwa gave a decree to cancel public gathering and then two days later he held a rally in Nyanga. Zimbabweans are no longer sure on the actual position and there is a feeling that double standards are being applied by the President.

Besides ordering the closure of schools and tertiary institutions what else has Mnangagwa and his administration put in place as precautional measures to control the outbreak of COVID-19. 

Closure of schools comes a few days after Mnangagwa violated his own decree against public gatherings and held a rally in Nyanga which attracted more than a thousand people.

"From the looks of things gathering which benefits ZANU PF, such as rallies are regarded as being non-contagious and the risk of the coronavirus does not apply; people's lives are at risk and the government should act responsibly; it takes more than just closing schools and tertial institutions," said Tinashe, a doctor working in Harare.

This is clear indication that Mnangagwa's administration does not care about people's lives, ZANU PF only looks at how much they with benefit from a situation and sentiments from Defence Minister, Oppah Muchinguri reaffirm this.

Calling people to attend rallies considering the severity of COVID-19 and then uttering inhumane sentiments that COVID-19 was Gods revenge shows the true characteristics of ZANU PF.

As the COVID-19 virus is claiming lives across the globe and other governments are taking precautionary measures to safeguard the lives of the citizenry; Mnangagwa is calling people to attend rallies.

Mnangagwa and his ZANU PF party do not care about people's lives, as long as they get audiences for their rallies.

As it stands Health Minister Obadiah Moyo indicated that 378 people had been placed under surveillance on suspicion of having the COVID-19 virus, but nothing concrete has been put in place.

The people under surveillance are said to have entered Zimbabwe through the various border posts and no new infections had been reported yet.

Mnangagwa said the decision to close schools and tertiary institutions is part of the general precautionary measures his administration has put in place to curd the rapid spread of the Coronavirus.

Two centers have since been set up and 45 beds are expected to service a population of more than 16 million citizens in the event of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mnangagwa's words should be matched by action, the government should be doing more than just closing educational institutions, but they should be running around trying to resuscitate the already existing health facilities like what other governments are doing.

An outbreak in the country would be disastrous as most hospital facilities are already dilapidated.

Announcing a closure of schools and tertiary institutions is a noble gesture, but Mnangagwa's administration should do more.
The idea that Vice President, Constantino Chiwenga amongst other ZANU PF officials seek medical treatment abroad should desist, these leaders should show confidence in the local health sector.

The government should invest in the local health sector and in the wake of COVID-19 they should try resuscitating hospitals and clinics, not misusing donor funding aimed at alleviating the widespread of coronavirus pandemic.

ZANU PF should know that double standards do not apply in the case of a pandemic outbreaks, the idea of putting forth policies and then going back on those very same policies when it suits them is not the way forward.

COVID-19 virus is real, thousands of lives have been lost globally and it is a governments responsibility to see to it that in the event of an outbreak, the citizenry get the best healthcare service.

Source - Prince Njagu
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