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Tsvangirai's apology to Zimbabweans

20 Mar 2020 at 19:44hrs | Views
The MDC Alliance in a bid to please their sponsors elsewhere have plunged the nation into the pool of confusion and suffering. The sanctions which are imposed on Zimbabwe has made the business and economy die and unemployment increase in a way only witnessed in a fiction movie.

The country is profusely bleeding The unpatriotic behaviour exhibited by the MDC Alliance should not be swept under the carpet. MDC through Hwende have shown Zimbabweans that the ya are the ones behind the sanctions. They actually said sanctions are helping Zimbabweans. In actual fact the sanctions are starving Zimbabweans. The MDC is hoping to starve the people to rebellion. All along MDC A has refused to admit that they are the ones who have begged for sanctions in the country.

It was until Tsvangirai's son told the nation through Parliament that sanctions are illegal and hurting us. He was lashed at by the MDC for talking against the sanctions. In any democratic world a political party which brings suffering on its people in anyway should be suspended or banned.Tsvangirai's son and the member of Parliament for Glenview Mr Vincent Tsvangirai in his rare moment of sanity submitted in Parliament that the sanctions are the real cause of harm in the country. He called for sanctions to be removed. This did not go well with the MDC leadership who wrote to him forced him to retract his statement in parliament and justify the evil sanctions. MDC forgot everything about parliamentary privileges and sought to sanction the poor MP for telling the truth about the Sanctions. MDC have shown that they are the devils causing the nation to bleed.
Southern African countries have joined calls from the Zimbabwe government for the sanctions to be lifted, saying they're damaging the region's economy. But we have MDC singing a different song praising sanctions and kissing those who work against us. So why are sanctions in place and what impact are they having? Sanctions are in place because MDC hopes to remove the government through sanctions. So sanctions are put in place to help the MDC to unlawfully topple the government. The unlawful sanctions used for the unlawful operation to an unlawful end.

;Sanctions are slowing down our progress, inhibiting our economic recovery and punishing the most vulnerable. The United States and the European Union (EU) have both maintained sanctions, citing a lack of progress in democratic and human rights reforms as well as restrictions on press freedoms.

They target both specific individuals and companies. But it has now come clear that they are doing the will of the MDC who are the puppets of the West.

Zimbabwe's economy has faced deep economic crises over the past few years with periods of hyperinflation rendering the local currency worthless.

Once again this year Zimbabwe has been reeling from high levels of inflation as well as severe shortages of fuel, power and water. A party that is cruel to its own people is a party that is in sight of surrender. MDC A has made the West apply this anti economic,violent silent, deadly remedy on Zimbabwe and now every Zimbabwean is limbing. In the mean time the MDC shows no remorse seeks to punish anyone who speaks against sanctions. It costs lives inside the nation sanctioned and it brings a pressure upon the nation which, no modern nation could resist. The sanctions destroy humanity wipes away generations causes pain and suffering.

The reality, alas, has been far different from what MDC envisioned. The global, comprehensive, and vigorously enforced sanctions against ZIMBABWE have produced tenuous results and untold suffering of the people of Zimbabwe. Surprisingly MDC seeks to blame ZANU PF for the state the nation is in. Seriously ?? Unilateral sanctions even when imposed by the largest economy in the world face far more difficult challenges, especially in an increasingly integrated international economy.

Zimbabwe is nolonger in an election process. It is in a crisis. People have to chose a witch or a fighter. We are in a state of war. Fighting for our future. Fighting for our children. Fighting for our economy. The nation now needs Unity more than it needed it before. It is painful that MDC has the guts of saying sanctions are meant o help the people. Sanctions are actually killing the people and destroying even the unborn. Drastic situations needs drastic actions. Decisions have to be made. To combat a crisis. To fight a crisis. And to win in the crisis. We are rich in natural resources. We are Zimbabweans. We need to expose Chamisa and MDC. MDC is a cancer eating away our future and we have to stop it now. MDC has brought a degree of chaos.

People have been fooled to believe that change means MDC. That is not true the change Zimbabwe needed was brought in by ED. Zimbabwe has suffered enough and playing to the gallery by the MDC is a pain.

The actions of the opposition is proper witchcraft. It makes one wonder whose interest are these people saving.

The answer is not very far. The opposition in trying to get relevance now they are using the sanctions to help them. No the reality is that they want to be seen to be working by their masters. This publicity stance has turned to vindicate what we have always been saying that ZIMBABWE has nothing to hide.

Chamisa is a troubled soul he has failed to lead his party and yet he wants to lead the country. Surrounded by political prostitutes like Job Sikhala and Vascodagama Violent monger Tendai Biti Chamisa in his idiocy has positioned and purposed the country to suffer. What Kind of a leader who wants to see people suffer until he wins. This is clearly cruel MDC makes the playing ground uneven. The unconventional wisdom by MDC was that sanctions should work, that they be costly politically and economically, and that their use should be aimed to effect a regime change. Tsvangirai in his grave turned and requested his son to publicly denounce sanctions to the chargrill of the whole MDC leadership.

The issue of Vincent Tsvangirai has caused very wide cracks in the MDC. It has exposed the iron fist MDC is ruled through. MDC has fallen far away from the Democratic values it purports to represent. It is MDC which has fired Mayors for exercising their democratic rights. MDC members are not allowed to speak their mind. They are fired or the vanguard is set upon them if they stand up for the truth.

The relationship between MDC and the truth is very distant so all MDC cadres are trained to keep silent even is everything around them yearns for the truth.As American sanctions on Zimbabwe have expanded and proliferated over the past 20 years, they have also led to increasing tensions between the United States and its supporters. One ca see the fear in Vincent Tsvangirais eyes. His retraction was not sincere. It is clear that words have been put in Vincent's Mouth. The letter From Hwende to Vincent is extortion at its best He is only telling people it's fake cause it has been put on social media.

Chamisa is turning MDC into a dictarship anyone can tell what has happened. it's common sense, it's clear like water, Vincent has been forced to retract his statement. MDC has once again failed to allow free speech. Freedom of expression is key to Democracy. That letter is not fake. Vincent receieved that letter and a 20 mins lashing phone call from Hwende on the instructions of Chamisa. MDC is not tolerant and it has no shame.

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Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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