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Coronavirus death spikes in Europe while Zimbabwe sees nothing wrong

23 Mar 2020 at 15:58hrs | Views
The whole of Europe is witnessing growing death toll from Covid-19 as Zimbabwe criticised over carefree attitude.   The coronavirus outbreak has turned into a global pandemic, as the world writhes under the heavy onslaught on its population. Thousands of people are dying because of this virus. Only a few are being recorded and passed on as statistics. Some countries hide the figures in order to protect their image. Many nurses in Europe and more so in England are contracting this disease and an estimation of 4 in every seven health workers has the virus. But in a bid to avoid panic the figures are greatly played down. In England people are advised to quarantine themselves and are asked to come to the hospital only when they get serious. The actual number of the infected will never be known only a few who end up in hospital are recorded.   

World health organisation said the outbreak, which has been teetering on the verge of a pandemic for weeks, had now surpassed the level of epidemic and warned the worst was still to come.

United Kingdom is experiencing the rise in the infected and the dying. Never before had the world faced such a pandemic in the civilised years. With all the advanced health system the world has gone on its knees not knowing what has hit them.

Germany reported a huge percentage spike in cases yesterday, taking the official toll to unimagined figures mind you these are only those who were reported to the authorities. There have been no virus deaths recorded in the Zimbabwe yet until the one of Mr Z Makamba. Even after his death the number of the infected is highly controlled and treated politically rather than as a pandemic. It is highly knee shaking that information which is supposed to be public is hidden and this exposes the whole nation to the danger of infection.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has called the crisis a pandemic and many countries have called it a national disaster.

The UN health body, which has previously described the situation as a 'public health emergency of international concern', defines a pandemic as an epidemic that spreads throughout the world through local transmission.

As an increasing number of people who haven't been to China continue to catch the virus, it seems it is only a matter of time until we start having those very close to us dying.
The coronavirus outbreak has so far killed more than 15.000 people and infected over 194,000 worldwide.

Italy has become a second worst affected nation after China with cities being closed down. World wide schools are closed colleges and universities are closed none essential shops in some countries have been closed. The virus is causing serious blows to the economy. In Europe shops have been made dry by those who were seized by panic buying spirit.

The death of a 70-year-old preacher in Iraq marks the first fatality in the Middle East outside of Iran which released tens of thousands of prisoners to avoid spreading coronavirus after its cases soared to more than ten thousand today, including 1500 deaths China's ambassador to the United Nations declared the country is winning in the fight against coronavirus after daily cases hit a six week low. But nobody is trusting China. China is concentrating on repairing its image which has been damaged by the virus. Every country is playing down the true figures so as to boost their image and create a self confidence platform. India has revealed its number of confirmed coronavirus cases has jumped and ove one million people are quarantined. Italy has banned kissing and hugging and ordered over-75s to stay in their homes for a month And now they have locked down a number of cities and are encouraging a social distance in areas where a complete ban is not in place.

More than 193,000 patients have been struck down by the deadly coronavirus across the world.

The death toll today surpassed 14:000

Medics in Zimbabwe check distressed visitor's temperature at airports using a thermometer. This is not enough testing those infected. This simply means that thousands have dipped through the checks to go and invest thousands of Zimbabweans. Now in Zimbabwe thousands undetected could be roaming the towns infecting thousands more.

Schools, universities, cinemas, cafes and other public places in most of Europe have been ordered to shut to further contain the outbreak, but many continue to operate normally.

The outbreak has fuelled public panic among Zimbabweans who say the country's healthcare system cannot handle the epidemic.

Many hospitals in Zimbabwe are poorly equipped or in disrepair after successive years of sanctions. According to the World Health Organization, there are fewer than two doctors for every 10,000 people in Zimbabwe. If the virus is to ravage It will mean sick people with other conditions are unable to get hospital beds in the country because they are occupied by virus sufferers. If at all they are to be taken care of.

The World Health Organization admitted the 'decline in China is real', dispelling rumours that China had been masking the true scale of the outbreak.

The virus is slowly petering out in the outbreak's epicentre as millions of citizens are forced to stay in their homes.

But ZIMBABWE must demystify the common thinking that we black people must  not take this virus seriously because we are immune to it. No one is immune to this virus and the thinking that blacks are immune is primitive and unfortunate. However while Zimbabwe May are take this virus as serious as it can, seriously there is nothing more it can do except washing hands and try some social distancing where it is possible. Zimbabweans are already living in overcrowded informal and formal settlements where social distancing is not possible. High density areas are very high density and this presents a problem in trying to implement social distancing. Where have been reduced to share one borehole in towns. One toilet per ten families without flushing  water. Where fuel crisis has forced people to use public transport to go to work, and queue at the banks for the money for medication. The hospitals are decorated with Long queues with people sitting and sleeping on benches to be treated.
The people of Zimbabwe are serious they do care. They are scared of the virus like any other person who is sober. They are in the catch 24 where they don't have as many choices. They look up to the authorities to provide health care.

 How can the people isolate when they are five families in a five roomed house. do you expect us to self isolate when we are already living 5 people in one room.Most Zimbabweans live from hand to mouth yet the hand does not scoop enough for the mouth.
The jobs available to most Zimbabweans have no option to work from home. They actually need the street to feed them. Self quarantine can only work in their dreams.

They too wanna take leave and stay at home but they can't afford no work no pay. Zimbabwe is only left with one way to survive. To find God and stay under his wings. Ro put up a brave face in the face of death and leave everything in the hands of God. We would like to remember these words from the bible. Numbers 31: 49
After the war, the Israelites came to Moses and said, "we counted and NO ONE IS MISSING"
From now, till the end of this pandemic, l pray, none of us Zimbabweans,members of our families, and loved ones will NOT be found missing in Jesus mighty name Amen.

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Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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