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False prophecies are another type of plague

24 Mar 2020 at 18:30hrs | Views
'Prophets' are stampeding trying to outdo each other on making pronouncements over the Coronavirus plague that has caused deaths and great panic worldwide. If indeed the men of God 'saw it coming' why did they not alert or warn the people including governments? Dates of when the disease will end are being thrown about as if in a betting club house.

Is it not time authorities decree it a criminal offence for anyone to 'prophecy falsely' on issues that may cause panic and despondency? Many prophecies have been 'made' on Zimbabwe yet events with not even an iota of truth continue to unfold much to the chagrin of many.

Why are the prophets getting away with it without a rap on the knuckles?

The Good Book says we shall know them by the fruits of their work, who remembers Pastor Gumbura? People are literally 'dragged by their noses' in falsehoods every time by the prophets with nothing coming to pass.

Their henchmen are always at pains trying to relate events to earlier pronouncements by the men of God. Great humble men of God, Prophets of old like Isiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah etc pronounced prophecies that came to pass without fail.

Are some of the later day revelations from the Creator? Can the prophets stand and truly say "Thus says the Lord"? We need the truth, only the truth. God is watching!

Tondorindo. Chinehasha.

Source - Tondorindo
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