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ZimFirst taking Zimbabwe to the future

31 Mar 2020 at 07:47hrs | Views
Dr Maxwell Shumba ZimFirst President
Zimbabwe has been groaning under the pains of corruption cronyism and relentless looting by the ZANU PF and its vampires. As Zimbabweans we hoped for a land of milk and honey managed by ourselves for our selves Alas the liberators became the oppressors who only wanted to see their families and their stomachs fed. They have taken ZIMBABWE back into Stone Age. In 2020 ZIMBABWE is the only country with no electricity no running water and no legitimate government.

Zimbabweans had hoped for a change through MDC but the death of Tsvangirai saw the death of purpose in MDC. The new crop who took over became engrossed in self aggrandising projects introducing internal power struggles and completely forgetting their purpose of existence.

Zimbabwe cannot suffer under these blood sucking perverts for long. In the new dispensation ZIMBABWE hoped to see criminals surrounding Mugabe to be brought to book. But sadly ZIMBABWE saw the criminals surrounding Mugabe taking the throne and surround themselves with merciless criminals who are ten times criminal than the ones they pushed away.

Your tears Zimbabwe have reached the hearts of your children. Now ZIMFIRST has come to wipe away all tears. We have come to put ZIMBABWE back on track. We have come to restore the lost glory. We have come to regain the lost pride of Zimbabwe. On this purpose ZIMFIRST begs you to stand up and be counted. You are the builders of the walls of Zimbabwe. ZIMFIRST calls you to join the ranks of those dedicated to give ZIMBABWE its shining armour.

Zimbabweans are now servants in places you had never dreamt of. Zimbabweans are being treated very bad in their own country by the Chinese and a number of foreign bosses. The nation has been sold by the corrupt leadership.
Your freedom must be watered by your blood and sweat.
For that reason ZIMFIRST says. ZIMBABWE IS PEOPLE AND THE PEOPLE ARE ZIMBABWE. Therefore it is our duty you and me to free ourselves from the bondage of the evil regime full of corrupt menacing vampires.

As ZIMFIRST we value

Enact safeguards to ensure a government that focuses on programs that guarantee economic prosperity and democratic freedom, rather than pursuing personal arbitrary agendas.
Provide a government which communicates to its citizens on all matters that affect them.

Enact democratic and electoral reforms to ensure that our government is accountable for the decisions it makes.

Create checks and balances to ensure that the country's resources are only used to benefit the nation and not a select few privileged individuals.

Put in place control systems which curb abuse of power by those high offices.

Promote the disuse of hate language in political discourse.
Promote diversity in all areas of life that Zimbabweans engage in.
Promote an ideology that places the people and the country first.
ZimFirst Party:
Rejects the current policy of partisan distribution of productive land to ZANU PF members. The land reform process primary focus is to reduce food insecurity and should reward existing commercial farmers, as well as help new farmers.

Reconstituted Ministry of Land Reform will oversee a program of fair and equitable land redistribution.
Embark on ambitious Agrarian Revival program to commercialize all arable agricultural land and build village cities to create markets for produce and new jobs for the revitalized processing industry.
All individuals who illegally acquired property from dispossessed farmers will be solely responsible
for compensating the loss of property at market value adjucated to the courts.

Government will support new farmer:
Setting up infrastructure before resettlement
Facilitate issuance of title deeds for land tenure
Facilitate easy access to affordable loansto finance agricultural related activities.

The two main political parties which dominate Zimbabwean  politics, at all levels, now faces a continuing challenge from ZIMFIRST. Such alternative to the main parties, however, have been a long-standing feature of the political landscape at both national and local levels. Yet, little is known of the way in which smaller parties and independent politicians contribute to politics and government and the impact they have on the functioning of democracy and institutions' governance. Moreover there is an absence of a conceptual framework within which to assess and understand the world of small party and independent politics.

ZIMFIRST is a party of persons organized to acquire and exercise political power and free ZIMBABWE from the bondage of slavery brought upon us by ZANUPF. We therefore ask you to join us today. This fight is for your future your children your great grand children. You and me have work to do. Join us today we will together change ZIMBABWE.

Let us come together and recognise ourselves as a people who deserve better.

ZIMFIRST comes to you because without you we will not get anything. You and me are the missing gap in the freedom of Zimbabwe and your freedom.

As of now do not worry about what you can do for Zimbabwe just join ZIMFIRST.  

ZIMFIRST calls you you are very important to us. You and me have a job todo.

Source - Dr Maxwell Shumba ZimFirst President
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