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How to survive the Corona Pandemic?

31 Mar 2020 at 08:51hrs | Views
The Corona Virus affects an individual in two ways. The two types of people who will survive this Corona virus pandemic are the highly knowledgeable, and the totally ignorant.

Corona will ruthlessly wipe out the "little knowledge" people.

People with little knowledge suffer a double shot from Corona because it will affect them Mentally and Physically.

Those with no knowledge at all will only suffer physically and the mental side of it will not affect them and they will survive because of lack of knowledge.

There is an interesting group, which l am not even qualified to describe, who will survive this Virus because of their full knowledge. People with full knowledge of how the World works, also know that "Suspension Of Knowledge" is highly medicinal.
These are highly educated people who also have the quality to know how to put their education into real practice.
This group have mastered the Science of how a belief in God works, why Albert Einstein says the moon  does not exist until you measure it, how Witch-doctors save lives by prescribing useless animal skin and roots,   how placebo medicine works, how the Zulu defeated the British Army because of ignorance of how a gun kills?

This quality group of educated people is the only group who will gain from this article and they will survive. Think about Jesus's words when he said if you have faith as little as mustard seed, you can move mountains?
Think about WHY if you get into a head on collusion with your wife, and you are both taken to intensive care where she dies, the Doctors do not tell you that she has died, until you are well enough to receive the bad new?

The whole reason of this is that the Physical and the Psychological, must not attack you concurrently. Each must come at a separate batch of time as the two of them together could kill you.

During a Corona illness, if you can control your brain to SUSPEND THE KNOWLEDGE that Corona can kill, then you are educated enough to survive.
Suspension of knowledge is not a simple practice for everyone. It takes those who have once used the higher levels faith, as a truly invincible tool to go through a Scientifically impossible mission.

 In 2005, l switched on to God to accomplish a Scientifically lmpossible Mission, and l succeeded to a level that, even an British immigration Officer, asked me how l did it, and l said God did it for me, and he did not believe it.

There is a time in life, where your own knowledge, and the knowledge of others, is so pathologicaly insufficient that you must suspend everything you know, and everything they say, and rely only on the power of emptiness.

Many things we fail to do in life are a result of the little knowledge we individually apply to it. Some can't start a business which could have prospered them, because of pre-calculations. Ignorant people start those risky businesses, without even calculating, and they become Millionaires. James Dyson said l succeeded because my interest was to see my products sold in the shops, than l had interest in how much profit l would make.

Albert Einstein told his lecturer that he was incapable of attaining advanced knowledge because he was Earthist and had no belief in God. Albert Einstein is also the man behind Quantum   Physics which only works if you believe that the moon is not there until you look at it.

 Even if your knowledge has it that the moon is there, Einstein says the moon is actually not there until you measure it by looking at it. So, suspension of what you know, can lead to a higher level sphere where not everyone can get.

During a Corona attach, are you the one educated enough to suspend your knowledge and say there is no Corona?

Does Corona begin to kill when you begin to measure it?
Did Thomas walk a few meters on top of water before he begun to doubt his faith and begin to sink?
Did many people in African rural areas survive Cancer because they did not know what was wrong with them?

Does it pay to say all "to Jesus l surrender"?

Did the Zulu beat the British Army because they believed their Witch-doctors would revive the bewitched fallen warriors?
Has Placebo medicine ever healed anyone?

Did some people die of fear of Y2K Compliance in 1999?

Do fake prophets heal some people who Doctors have failed?

Does it save anyone's life if you withhold information of a close relative's death while the individual is still in ailment?

Will it save your life if you suspend your knowledge during a Corona attack?

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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