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Zimbabweans still in bondage in 'Egypt' - we're still awaiting our Moses to deliver us

31 Mar 2020 at 12:17hrs | Views
It is always common knowledge that whenever political leaders - with the help of their sidekicks, mouthpieces, and praise singers - resort to misinterpreting biblical scriptures to justify and defend their glaringly unpopular and anti-people performance and policies, then it would be a tacit admission of grand failure.

Zimbabwe is no exception in this regard.

Ever since the ZANU PF regime assumed office after the country attained independence from Britain in 1980, they have never been short of sycophants wearing religious apparel - who have incessantly sought to portray those in power as some reincarnation of the biblical Moses, who would be leading the nation through turbulent and harsh times of the wilderness - in which, all had to endure, with unwavering optimism, their untold suffering, and unbearable livelihoods, as 'soon' all would be happy and celebrating their "arrival in the Promised Land".

Nevertheless, such biblical comparisons would have been exceedingly comical - had extreme and genuine human suffering not been involved - considering that, what the people of Zimbabwe have had to put up with for nearly four decades, has been far divorced from the truth of biblical scripture.

If anything, what Zimbabweans have been subjected to by their government, has been nothing short of bondage and enslavement in the "land of Egypt" - and are still desperately and prayerfully awaiting the Almighty God to send them their Moses.

I am not one for trivial and petty politicking squabbles, as I believe that any assertions and debate should be founded on solid and sound principles - and, thus, will endeavour to premise my points on biblically based facts.

First and foremost, Moses was not corrupt, and neither did he surround himself with, and protect, corrupt people.

There can never be any denying that the ZANU PF government has been the Haven for corruption and corrupt entities, ever since tasting the sweetness and intoxication of unparalleled power, with seeming impunity. Without even going as far as basing my arguments on street hearsay and assumptions - the party itself, has carried the uneviable record of crudely and severely punishing all those who have dared expose corruption within its ranks - instead of, as would have been expected, seriously dealing with those fingered in acts of graft

Throughout the party's grotesque reign, there have been several such incidences - however, the most notable have been the expulsion of its then secretary general Edgar Twoboy Tekere in the early 1990s, and the most recent suspension of its youth leaders, who had all dared name, and speak out against, all those they perceived to have been involved in wanton and unfettered corruption, yet receiving the backing and protection of those wielding power in the country.

Why would the ruling party see it appropriate to punish those who have stood up, and called out, those largely responsible for the nation's catastrophic economic demise - without so much as instituting any intentional, comprehensive, and earnest investigations into the allegations?

In fact, the ruling establishment has been known for only calling out, and prosecuting, those accused of graft in their ranks, after they had fallen out of favor, or became political rivals. This was clearly witnessed with the arrests of former cabinet ministers, and other high profile individuals, after the November 2017 coup d'etat - which, toppled long time tyrant Robert Gabriel Mugabe, thereby, resulting in all those closely aligned to his wife's political ambitions being hounded on corruption charges.

Yet, when these people had still been working together, and apparently in good books, none of those in the current administration ever mentioned a single word of accusation.

Thus, are Zimbabweans to expect any measure of justice only after the current crop of leaders are no longer in office?

Moses was a holy man of God, and surely did not indulge in corrupt activities, and neither did he protect corrupt cartels sucking dry the nation of Israel.

Furthermore, Moses was not known for his brutality.

As much as the Bible records his somewhat short temper, there is no record of him ever traumatizing, terrorizing, or massacring any of his people.

If anything, he was known for pleading on their behalf everytime God had been angered by their faithlessness, disobedience, and downright rebelliousness - at one time, going as far as offering himself to be punished, instead of those he led, who had defied God.

On the contrary, Zimbabweans have endured four decades of unmatched atrocities at the hands of their government - most particularly, the 1980s genocide against the Ndebele people, resulting in the merciless butchering of over 20,000 innocent men, women, and children (some of them unborn, who were gorged out of their pregnant mothers' bellies), as well as the killing of hundreds of opposition supporters in the early 2000s, and the most recent shooting dead of scores of unarmed protestors in August 2018 and January 2019.

To take this discourse a step further, would Moses have lived a lavish lifestyle, whilst the rest of his nation wallowed in abject poverty?

Certainly not! As those who read the Bible know, the children of Israel endured tremendous trials and tribulations during their 40 year journey through the wilderness - ranging from food shortages to lack of water - yet, Moses not only interceded on their behalf with God, but faced the same difficulties. He also went to sleep hungry, he also had nothing to drink, and had to walk with them on foot throughout the Exodus.

However, the powers-that-be in Zimbabwe possess some of the most abundant wealth, in the face of a miserably empoverished nation - with the average folk not able to afford even the most basic of commodities to sustain a decent and dignified livelihood.

In the midst of all the authorities' loud clamoring for the lifting of so-called "sanctions imposed on the country by the United States of America (US) and European Union (EU) that have crippled the economy" - which are in reality, targeted restrictions on only 142 top officials and entities accused of heinous human rights violations, electoral fraud, and corruption - none of those in power appear to have been adversely affected, as they continue building and buying mansions, flying in private jets, seeking medical attention in expensive world-class foreign hospitals, and sending their children to the best schools on the planet.

So, if these sanctions truly "crippled the country's economy", why is the ruling elite unaffected? Are they impervious to the rigidities of this country's economy?

Additionally, Moses stood firmly against any acts that went against pure Godly worship, such as witchcraft. As the Bible clearly points out, he even went so far as to angrily destroy the golden calf that the nation of Israel had moulded to worship - which they had created during his long absence, when he was on the mountain, receiving the ten commandments from Jehovah...that even reinforced the need to worship only Him.

Yet, in Zimbabwe, paganism is allegedly prevalent in very high offices of power. If further testimony was ever needed, then numerous reports of top officials consulting traditional healers for the enhancement of their powers have always been present. To place the proverbial icing on the cake, former president Mugabe was said to have instructed his wife Grace to always keep a watchful eye on his corpse - in the event of his death - as he knew that those in power would use it for ritualistic purposes.

Other facts to prove that Zimbabweans are not being led by a Moses, is that he attentively and obediently listened to Jehovah. In fact, he talked with God.

Can any in the Zimbabwean leadership ever be said to be in communication and consultation with Jehovah? Honestly, such a thought would not only be hypocritical, but also a flagrant abuse to God, as we would be insinuating that these leaders' despicable, repressive, and vile actions - as highlights above - are emanating from the heavenly throne.

That would never be possible - as our God is a just, righteous, loving, caring, forgiving, and protecting Master and Creator.

So, who exactly do these rulers biblically have in common?

It would most certainly be the Pharaohs of Egypt.

They were the only ones truly comparable to how those in power in Zimbabwe are treating the citizenry, and reigning over the country as a whole.

Only the Pharaohs would be corrupt, brutal, live lavishly whilst everyone else starved, delve in pagan idolatry, and wickedly disobey Jehovah.

As such, Zimbabweans are in no way being led through the biblical wilderness - which calls for patience and optimism, in the hope of an imminent 'Promised Land" - but, are rather still very much in the throes of bondage and enslavement, which demand fervent and unceasing prayer for Jehovah to send us a Moses.

Our God is faithful, and will hear and answer our prayers - never has He ever let His people down. Our Moses will come soon.

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Source - Tendai Ruben Mbofana
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