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Frank Buyanga Sadiqi a victim of abuse of power?

05 Apr 2020 at 14:44hrs | Views
Business tycoon Frank Buyanga Sadiqi is no stranger to controversy and media limelight. Frank is popular for not backing out of fights. Frank Buyanga as an underdog took on dreaded former CIO Minister Nicholas Goche. Buyanga sued Goche through Zimcor Trustees Limited, over an unpaid loan of USD70 000. Goche borrowed the money on August 28, 2009 but allegedly failed to pay back within the agreed time.

Frank Buyanga is a man who stands firmly by his principles. Buyanga has been in the media over the past couple of months as he is embroiled in a custody battle. Frank Buyanga is fighting for his rights to look after and provide for his child, his opponent is baby mama Chantelle Muteswa.

African Medallion Group Limited, founded by Frank Buyanga, issued a statement  claiming that the South Africa based Zimbabwe business tycoon now fears for his life after details emerged on how Chantelle Muteswa had approached President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been asked to "help" in a raging child custody battle.

The custody battle has played out like a script from an action packed movie, with several twists and turns to the plot.

It is alleged that Muteswa wrote to Mnangagwa asking for his intervention in the matter, a matter which is before the courts. If this is true then Chantelle Muteswa has no knowledge of the law and wanted the Head of State to abuse his power and office causing judicial interference.

It has also emerged that Muteswa at one point met the First Lady, Auxillia who allegedly called for Buyanga's arrest. It is awkward and rather telling that a custody battle would involve the first family. Why would Chantelle Muteswa drag the first family into legal matters?
Buyanga now claims his life is in danger, as a result Frank Buyanga took his child and left Zimbabwe. Chantelle Muteswa addressed a press conference seeking to blackmail the nation into loathing Frank Buyanga. The fact of the matter is that Chantelle Muteswa kidnapped the child from Frank Buyanga while they were at a police station. Frank Buyanga got his child back and took the child to safety and now Chantelle Muteswa is grasping at straws seeking public sympathy. The question then becomes, does the father of a child have any rights in Zimbabwe or the rights are subject to tears and emotional blackmail from the mother?

Frank Buyanga has tried communicating his side of the story through open letters to the government and other available means to no avail. The audience is fixated on the narrative of a mother who is holding back her tears while pleading for the return of her son. Can she provide for the son? Certainly not better than the father. Most men do a runner on child support, yet here is Frank Buyanga a man among men fighting for his right to be a father to his own son.

The custody battle is serious and in other democracies this case would have triggered a judicial inquest into

"Additionally, one of the female legal representatives of the African Medallion Group assisting Mr Frank Buyanga Sadiqi with his personal custody matter in Zimbabwe was recently abducted. The matter was reported to Highlands Police Station and until now, no meaningful investigations have been made, these claims were made public by the Buyanga owned African Medallion Group.

The tale of Frank Buyanga and Chantelle Muteswa is a tale of adults at loggerheads for years now, with multiple cases before different courts in the country. While most of cases are still pending, the child is the biggest casualty as he is robbed of stability and a normal childhood.

Chantelle Muteswa was once awarded custody by a Civil Court Magistrate but lost out when the High Court granted Buyanga temporary custody over claims she and her family had been evicted from their family home, the child has to face and process this unnecessary drama.

The court ruled Muteswa had no proper accommodation for the minor and Buyanga was awarded interim custody of the child. Muteswa appealed against the ruling and the case is yet to be finalised.

Buyanga won another case in which he was seeking to have his name added to their son's birth records. Muteswa had registered the boy's birth certificate using her documents, denying Buyanga his legal right to be a father.

Big names have been thrown into the mix of this protracted struggle and all the big names remain mum on the issue. Men's rights groups are silent on the matter and women's pressure groups have also remained quiet on a pertinent issue which has a lasting impression on custody rights as well as parental rights and responsibilities.

Source - John Mbizvo
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