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Is Mthwakazi Democratic Alliance a force to restore the much needed Mthwakazi Restoration?

12 Apr 2020 at 11:00hrs | Views
As a citizen of Zimbabwe I find it worthy noting to submit my input on matters surrounding the restoration of Mthwakazi as an envisaged sovereign state. It is without doubt that almost all people belonging to the Mthwakazi nation, wishes to associate with an organisation that would truly represent the people of Mthwakazi and address issues of development and subsequently freedom, which has been the dream of many people. Today, I will specifically focus on the new kid on the block, the Mthwakazi Democratic Alliance, which according to its literature derived from their website is led by Mr. Hloniphani Ncube and other prominent activists in Bulawayo, most of them with a rich history in civil activism as I checked on their profiles.

In my strong views and individual beliefs, it is without doubt that Mthwakazi is in desperate need of development. Matebeleland have historically retrogressed since Zimbabwe gained its independence and thus a fact. The people of Matebeleland have been on the receiving side on matters such as brutality, poverty, unemployment and social inequality. Its common sense that a number of people facing starvation and unemployment in Zimbabwe are the people of Matebeleland. The government of Zimbabwe have shown their resentment against the people of Matebeleland from day one. In 1982 when everyone was still in the mood of celebrating independence, the people of Matebeleland were surprised with gukurahundi genocide which claimed thousands of lives.

My aim of this article is not to revive the pain and agony of my people as it has been the norm with other political parties in Matebeleland and Zimbabwe. I am beginning to respect Mthwakazi Democratic Alliance based on their literature on the website that, they do not want to play victim or appear to be a reduced radical pressure group that only make noise about the problems of Matebeleland which are clear to everyone, but rather they have promised to address the concerns of the society. In my view, that is a step on the right direction. Our people are tired about parties that only focus on singing about the problems, whilst our communities are languishing in poverty, lacking basic needs such as water which can be easily addressed by even an opposition political party. Before independence, Zimbabwe was under serious sanctions but our people never experienced the hardship they find themselves in today.

A man and a woman in Filabusi understands the brutality of the current ruling party regime and they are not looking for someone who will recite the same problems known to them, but our people need solutions. Someone in Bulawayo understands the suffering that has been brought by the ruling party, ZANU PF and MDC the opposition party which has been running a number of cities and rural councils in Matebeleland, but they are looking for someone with the solution to address water crisis and food insecurity in the city of Bulawayo. Orphans and other vulnerable groups of our societies, clearly understand their plights, but they do not need a leader who will approach them lamenting about the same fate known to them. In stead they need the solutions.

 MDA is promising development as an opposition political party, which to me makes sense. Some may ask about how they will raise money for that development, and the simple question to that is I am one of the people willing to offer advise to this new kid on the block with a vision. The how they will raise the money to me is not a problem, but what inspires me is their vision. In Matebeleland we have been facing the challenge of having political parties who are singing about our challenges, but without a vision on how to tackle the issues of Mthwakazi. A group of 1000 people donating US$10 can help communities have access to water and sanitation if the money is put into good use rather than funding rallies that promote individual egos who will come and speak about the known problems to the people and leave them without water and food. In stead of having such rallies, those rallies can be transformed into rallies that introduces development.

I noted that, on their constitution, they are focusing on restoration also and that is actually their main goal, but that has to be intertwined with development. I am also encouraged by their commitment to democratic processes. This party has not been officially launched because of the covid 19 regulations across the globe, but they already have a draft constitution which is solid and they are promising to hold a democratic conference. If that is done then MDA would be the first party of Mthwakazi to follow a democratic process that involves the people of Mthwakazi. Conducting a conference will further show that, its a people focused organisation. As a Mthwakazi person I have been waiting for such a movement. People see so many Mthwakazi organisations on Facebook, but on ground they are not visible at all. Conducting a conference, will force the party to have grassroots solid structures, hence promoting community support and I foresee this party being a serious threat to ZANU PF and MDC.

I have seen the afflictions that Mr. Hloniphani Ncube have undergone since the MDA surfaced. A number of MRP supporters began to cook propaganda to tarnish his name and carry out the character assassination intervention by creating whats app charts. In stead of assassinating the leader of MDA they have in stead boosted his popularity and a number of people like me wishes to know more about who is Hloniphani Ncube. As I googled, I discovered that he has written extensively on Mthwakazi issues and judging by his literature, he is one of the promising leaders. My advise to him would be to involve the masses through democratising the party and that will increase the popularity of the party, as well as the dignity and respect, which is what other Mthwakazi parties have failed to achieve, making the Mthwakazi struggle a laughing matter.

Nomalazulu Dlodlo

Source - Nomalazulu Dlodlo
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