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Nomalazulu Dlodlo Thank you: May I please add something?

12 Apr 2020 at 15:24hrs | Views
A breath of fresh air was in your today's Bulawayo24 news article dear Nomalazulu Dlodlo. Thank you for the input that has indeed excited me to jump in and contribute to your much-needed, long overdue progressive thinking especially in this region. Dear Noma, I have been saying to my brothers and sons (most of them are men) of these Mthwakazi organisations almost what you are highlighting in your your message today. I repeat, I said, instead of looking for donor funding running in millions of dollars, we need to go to our communities and lives with them, plan with them and start improving our communities with available resources in the region. If it was possible in other countries to implement evident growth and sustainable development wholly recognized by World Bank and other world organisations, surely means it's possible in Mthwakazi region too. The willpower first and foremost to realize sustainable development in a region must be there to see the change we want.

But because our people are used and are spoiled to easy cash from Europe and elsewhere, it is becoming an uphill task to convince them to change their mindsets and thinking from being given easy money to realize whatever envisaged projects to working hard themselves. If you look at the communities in countries like Vietnam and Cambodia, countries that have had histories of wars just like our Mthwakazi communities before and after Zimbabwe's independence, you will notice that communities developed their rural areas sustainably using very little resources available inside the regions. The donor agencies are wary of Africans who have stooped so low, are not even shy or even ashamed to beg for money to turn their fate around and improve their lives with resources available in their regions.

Dear Noma, let me remain focused on your article that has excited me and am sure others from this region feel the same. Not to forget to say it loud this article is written by a woman from this region. I applaud this with great exaltation. You talked about democratic values and principles in your today's message. Thank you again for this insight. We desperately need implementation of democratic values and not coercion. We are sick and tired of threats of death by the very Mthwakazi parties that purport to free us from the jaws of Zanu PF. If I am threated to death by burning, where is the freedom of choice, which normal citizens of Mthwakazi can trust such organisation for any kind of development. Has forced corrective membership acquisition of these Mthwakazi parties become their modus operandi? Am I already a traitor if I don't belong to Mthwakazi party? Israel Dube from MLO has threatened capital punishment without hesitation to all those from Mthwakazi region who resisted their loyalty to Mthwakazi. He has threatened this style of punishment gloatingly as if he owns our lives as citizens of Mthwakazi.  

Thirdly, what I loved most in your article dear Nomalazulu is the fact that, you say verbatim: "They do not want to play victim or appear to be reduced radical pressure group that only makes noise about the problems in Matabeleland which are clear to everyone" close quote. We people of this region have indeed played victimhood for a long time. Marginalization and many other issues regarding retarded development in all aspects of our lives is evident for all to see. A repeat of obvious facts in their rallies make them boring even to villagers and they should know this. Mthwakazi political groups have become radical groups permanent and  unendingly speaking about what we already know, never beyond speaking and lamenting. We, constantly are reminded about an underground guerrilla movement is being hatched: nothing has so far been done, but it's to keep us in constant fear and anticipation of yet another Gukurahundi mark two. We have permanently been conditioned to thinking about the looming insurgency in this region, and we have been subjected to this threat the past ten years and nothing has happened but as you say, it is empty words, empty threats of war done by cowards who have no idea about guerrilla war and its consequences on women and children.

Now for the sake of argument: Should Mthwakazi Liberation Organisation provoke a war situation in Mthwakazi region, it is the women and children in this region who will suffer most.  Dear Noma, I am repeating this statement I made three years ago. These Mthwakazi leaders will not be present in war-zone Matabeleland but tucked up safe in the biggest capital cities of this world. Some men will run away to South Africa leaving women and children at the mercy of Zanu PF. This has happened before; it will happen again. Not even their children will take part in the war but children of ordinary village people who are looking up at us to transform their lives for the better. For goodness sake, not another war yet again. They will recruit village goat herders to fight for them. Women will be forced to avail their merger food securities to feed the "freedom fighters". If there is a reason that earned me death sentence from Israel Dube, it is speaking against yet another guerrilla war in Matabeleland reminiscent of Gukurahundi mark two. Those death threats have empowered me to speak against any military insurgence in this region of Matabeleland risking insults of all kinds.   

Here again, is your most noble, most constructive message in your article today: quote; "Our people are tired about parties that focus on singing about problems, whilst our communities languishing in poverty, lacking basic needs such as water which can be easily addressed by even an opposition political party." Close quote. To me, this statement is the highlight of your today's contribution to your paper. If we were serious about developing Matabeleland, we should have put our act long back and did something tangible about this region. To wait until the Zanu PF government reparations of Matabeleland Gukurahundi atrocities, a sum of US100 billion is not only laughable joke, unrealistic but to play with the minds of people who are desperate for any kind of transformation in their lives and we are letting them down. The people of this region want peace and will not get it by MLO threats of military insurgency to destabilize further what was not corrected after the Gukurahundi genocide atrocities of 1980s. It is the people of this region who will lose more and have lost more because the generation that is supposed to uplift their lives are daydreaming large in most expensive capital cities of this world.
Again, dear namesake, you say something fundamentally important here having Hloniphani Ncube been receiving character assassination messages from rival Mthwakazi political parties: you say verbatim: "My advice to him would be to involve the masses through democratizing the party and that will increase the popularity of the party as well as the dignity and respect, which is what other Mthwakazi parties have failed to achieve, making the Mthwakazi struggle a laughing matter." Close quote. This is, to me, the punctuation of your message today dear Noma. A political party should democratically seek mandate to the people it wants to lead and not death threats and forced loyalty to undemocratic and criminal brief-case leaders. If you engage the rural population with respect for life and dignity worth of human being, then getting their mandate it the easiest thing ever.

In my lifetime, before I am indeed murdered by Israel Dube for being a traitor of Mthwakazi Nation, I hope to go back to my roots, and I live with the San populations of Tsholotsho and in South Matabeleland; Bulilima-Magwe. I am planning every detail what I can do practically to improve the lives of people I call my roots, my proud identity. Activism must be practical and not on cyber space. I am inadvertently telling Israel Dube where he will find me if he wants to assassinate me by burning Winnie Mandela style of dealing with traitors. This new Mthwakazi party will give us a chance to mark the difference between the new and the old. We give this new Mthwakazi party a benefit of doubt.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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