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Nicholas Ncube you are offside! Dream beating your wife in Canada, you apologize first thing in the morning

14 Apr 2020 at 09:34hrs | Views
Nicholas Ncube lives in Canada, a place he can never even afford to dream bashing his wife. If, for some unknown reason Nicholas dreamt beating his wife the previous day, the first thing he has to do in the morning, before bathing and toiletry, he will kneel down before her and apologize to his wife: "Sweetie, I dreamt beating you very hard, I am sorry about this, it was a dream but all the same I deeply apologize to beat you so hard in my dreams." There are global countries where the rule of law is upheld, respect for women and children is paramount.

My story today does not begin with Nicholas Ncube and his reputation of beating his wife but about his articles defending corrupt Ndebele leaders certainly not chosen by the people of this region of Matabeleland. Ndebele leaders in Zanu PF government are elements that sold their souls to enter the gravy train of Zanu PF. We have knowledge too how they absconded from Zapu to join Zanu PF. But because we people of this region are on the receiving end; it is not easy to tell it all especially if one lives in Zimbabwe. There is CIO and secret agents that can descend on you for contradicting that fake news. Bloggers on WWW are selected to polish egos of fake revolutionaries and make fake news that sell them for what they are not.

How many fake stories of heroism are we going to entertain, stories faked to give fake images of people who have no conscience about telling liars whatsoever? At best please let's leave the dead to rest that should be a minimum requirement to honour the dead. Contributions that Comrade Joshua Nkomo made for the realization of independence and for leashing civil war in the early years of independence in this country should never be watered down by the likes of Nicholas Ncube to please his masters Obert Mpofu, Simon Khaya Moyo, Mohadi and the rest of them from Matabeleland in Mnangagwa's government.

We know too how much price Dumiso Dabengwa had to pay for the liberation of this country, Zimbabwe. Dumiso Dabengwa lost his mother during the struggle. Ma Tshuma; Mrs Dabengwa was gunned down shot -range by Rhodesian Special Branch and they ordered her lifeless body never to be removed for burial. The notorious Special Branch hid behind the bushes to see if Dumiso was going to come during the night to mourn his mother and give her a decent burial. He did not come. But the rest we know, no detailed repeat of such sad chapters, sad events of our history. We shall tell it because we want young people know about these facts.

Now to poke fun at them by peddling falsehood behind dead bodies of our gallant freedom fighters of our time and history is not funny but insulting. Would it have been better just to keep quiet if Nicholas Ncube has nothing better to say than to openly insult a hero of this nation. Joshua is not only respected in Matabeleland; the whole of Zimbabwe remembers their leader in a special way. In Mashonaland Comrade Joshua is their Chibwechitedza forever, in Matabeleland we call him Uma Fukufuku.

In 1987 December 21st Comrade Nkomo capitulated literally to save lives and joined Zanu PF. For Joshua Nkomo to give Robert Mugabe an olive branch, smoke pipe and make peace, should never be construed by Nicholas Ncube as cowardice to gain political mileage. Offering a hand of peace cannot constitute cowardice by any stretch of Obert Mpofu's imagination. In retrospect, he realized the brutal loss of lives at the behest of the Mugabe inner circle that had no mercy towards Zapu members and the Ndebele people: called them cockroaches and lice. The Fifth Brigade had clear mandate from the office of the Prime Minister Robert Mugabe to decimate the people of this region. Despite all that transpired, we wonder still the casual talking of Nicholas Ncube's articles that is meant to polish egos of the leaders of Matabeleland imposed upon us by the Zanu PF regime. Ngenkani! Nenharo!

It was never junior entities like Obert Mpofu who determined the course of the Lancaster conference. So many dynamics were at play; the front-line states: Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Botswana to some extent had the upper hand and determined the agenda and outcome of the peace talks. Again, Margaret Thatcher wanted Rhodesia issue out of her desk forever hence both parties Zapu/Zanu PFs were not able to articulate their position on the watershed talks. It is also very true to say that prior to the Lancaster talks Smith's government had on several occasions bombed the refugee camps in front-line countries exposing their military weaknesses. It is a fact that Smith's government, supported by South African military was winning the war in Rhodesia. A negotiated solution had to be found to alleviate the strain put on front-line states and the loss of lives due to Smith's bombings.

There was no name called Obert Mpofu that transpired in the Lancaster delegation leading to the London conference talks. This information is new to some of us who were following the talks in Zambia as refugees. But because Dumiso is not present to crush glaring fake news about Obert Mpofu's contribution to the Lancaster talks, it could be his hallucinations and his over excitement that at last the people who can verify fake news are now dead.

Where Joshua Nkomo realized the sanctity of life and decided against his personal pride and conviction to talk to Mugabe to serve lives of the people of this region, Obert Mpofu, Phekelezela Mpoko and many of them saw a golden opportunity to dump Zapu and join the gravy train of Zanu PF, some have been in this gravy train since independence. Obert Mpofu has on several occasions said he was the obedient son of Robert Mugabe. But the moment Mugabe lost power, overnight he dumped him and went for Dambudzo Mnangagwa. History shows us again what happens to such people who have no virtue to hold on to. Former President, Phekelezela Mpoko as we speak is in eternal political dust bin. Enos Nkala died as poor as a church mouse dumped by Zanu, only to be given a hero's burial as a sent off. Obert Mpofu is still very fat. "Let me have men about me that are fat."  

To have had 2020 independence celebration in Bulawayo under Dambudzo Mnangagwa leadership and government was going to be the worst insults the people of this region were going to be subjected to. We are deeply grateful that it will not take place. Independence of Zimbabwe has never been one for Ndebele people. This region has never enjoyed the fruits of independence since 1980. You can call a latrine by any name: WC, ladies powder room, loo or whatever but the contents remain the same.

However, the truth about the liberation struggle are facts at our fingertips and falsehood will not conceal sterling contributions done by all those brave men and women who were in Zapu and Zipra in the frontlines of the liberation war in the Diaspora and at home. Dumiso Dabengwa is late, anybody can write about themselves, he is not with us to contradict those false claims.

It takes a misogynist like Nicholas Ncube to force-feed us into accepting the so-called Matabeleland current crop of leadership. To sing those praises on VP Mohadi considering the criminal activities he meted on his former wife Senator Tambudzani is silliness of the highest order. I differ with you Nicholas. Vice President Mohadi is a criminal no less and cannot represent the people of Matabeleland. You cannot force the people of this region to subject themselves to Kembo Mohadi's politics of self-aggrandizement and rhetoric's. Mohadi was not chosen by the people to become the Vice President of Zimbabwe.  

It has come as a rude awakening for the peoples of Mashonaland to realize that Zanu PF is a party of those few inside the ruling party. It took 40 years for the people of Mashonaland to know that Zanu PF is a party of thugs. They suffer social and economic neglect in the same way as the people of Matabeleland and we can say with equal truth that we are on the same page with most people of Mashonaland today.

If anything, this was a golden opportunity to come close together as one people. We should appreciate and recognize ourselves as one people. Our tribal and race differences weaken the cause to fight the common enemy Zanu PF together effectively. We need the calibre of Joshua Nkomo who managed to bring tribes and races and formed a viable political organisation. MDC-Chamisa is not the chosen replacement of Zanu PF because his interest and that of Mnangagwa converge in many ways. There is a young crop of leaders we should identify as the ones who will lead us to holy land. The beautiful ones are still to be born.   

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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