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No independence for Africans: Their children will play on sewage drainages and will not recognize or smell it

19 Apr 2020 at 07:52hrs | Views
There are numerous themes to talk about Zimbabwe that is celebrating 40 years of wasted opportunities for decades. It is difficult to ignore what White Former Prime Minister Ian Douglas Smith prophesied during the UDI heydays of Rhodesia. Ian Douglas Smith with his henchmen overnight declared unilateral independence from the United Kingdom. It was on the 11th of November 1965 when he announced unilateral separation from the United Kingdom. In his median speech he said, "not in a thousand years will Africans get freedom and independence from Rhodesia." He spoke about Africans who were still not civilized enough to take over a civilized administration: Africans, who not for so long had no decent clothing, cannot be trusted in matters relating to governance. He went on to say "if Africans took over the existing white administration, infrastructure development and established institutions will regress, and their children would start playing on sewage and they will not even recognize the smell. Look at the countries north of us and see gross mismanagement of black African rule" An African does not have management skills and is inherently corrupt. Close quote.

Smith was wrong: Zimbabwe was born on the 18th of April 1980, fifteen years after Smith's declaration of UDI. He was right about the sewage water that was going to flow in Township streets and drainages and we see some African children in high density areas  playing in those dirty waters, it's become normality or order of the day and apparently there is no sense of urgency to repair sewage spillages right across all cities and towns of Zimbabwe today. We are not only seeing our children playing in sewage waters, but we drink, and use contaminated with sewage water in some cases. Who ever thought that in the second Millennium we could access unprotected river waters and wells because the councils do not provide adequate water supply for the people? In some town, sewages are discharged in rivers. This is one of many prophesies that Smith made regarding black governments' inadequacies and incompetence. To say this as an African, even just repeating what Smith said, could be treasonous by African standards.  

We need to introspect and seek pertinent questions from ourselves why we fought the wars of freedom and independence. Are we sure this dispensation we have today was worth all those lives lost in the struggle for independence? Thousands of men and women died in the war, in the front, in refugee camps and indeed those who were murdered of suspicion:  they were deemed sell-outs from enemy regime. The state mismanagement and corruption of decades comes to hound us today after 40 years of independence: we look back and we ask ourselves if the struggle for freedom was worth it? What we know is that the people who genuinely fought the war, those guerrillas who were serious about freedom and independence did not see the day 18th of April 1980 but were assassinated in exile. It is the Mnangagwa's and many of them who were on the side-lines of the liberation struggle, now they are the ones calling the shots in power and government. Life is unfair: Karma is unfair. Did Mnangagwa do all the dirty work for Mugabe to become President, is that his ticket to the highest civil service post in Zimbabwe? Do we wonder still that he forgot to mention his mentor in his 40m years independence speech: Robert Mugabe?   

We take serious introspection today: we ask ourselves: where are the strong institutions the racist white regime left, and we inherited them? The Post and Telecommunication was good functioning until 1980. The National Railways, was called Rhodesia Railways "RR" was one of the best transport systems in Africa; is now a shadow of its own. Good reputable hospitals and clinics are sorry sight of mismanagement. To go to any government hospital today in Zimbabwe is like a death sentence, you will never to come back alive. Those good schools and higher institutions of learning that produced the best education system that was once upon a time the envy of Africa is in a sorry state. It is safe to give school lessons under a tree than inside the classroom. The agricultural section is struggling to put it kindly, big farms were given to cronies that had no idea about farming: Zimbabwe is a basket case since the beginning of the Millennium.

Poverty is smelling in towns, cities and rural areas. There are massive food insecurities at every corner of Zimbabwe. The farm invasions was never supposed to have taken place: (the benefit of hindsight)  We have thousands of children who are homeless, lingering in the streets in all towns and cities of Zimbabwe to scavenge what is there to eat for that day, they die unnoticed in those streets. Law and order have deteriorated seriously and broken down, we read in social media about robberies that are prevalent in towns and in rural areas, they take place everywhere in homes and in highways and details of which are horrific in kind. Vulnerable and lonely women and girl-children in rural areas are raped and robbed and some cases go undetected in most cases. Young girls as old as 11 years are prostitutes in the streets of Zimbabwe towns and cities and growth points. Prostitution is not a choice for them but it is because the situation at home is desperate.

At 40 years, we can say Zimbabwe is a failed state in every respect. Reflecting on the 40 years of independence we see sad history records of genocide, multiple deaths and disappearance of Mugabe/Mnangagwa opponents, interfering with Democratic Republic of Congo civil wars that had nothing to do with the national security of Zimbabwe, ESAP a means to boost the economy; instead left thousands of people out of  employment. We have millions of citizens who left the country for greener pastures elsewhere. Most of those who left the country were the educated elite that are now in service of foreign countries. We are the brain-drain that was, supposed to develop Zimbabwe. The remittances from the Diaspora keep the current government of Zanu PF afloat.  

Sad still is that the leaders of these failed African states are not ashamed of failure. They are not ashamed that thousands of children a living in the streets because they are homeless. They are not ashamed of travelling in private jets and yet the countries they come from are abjectly poor. They are not ashamed looting the state coffers for personal use. They are not ashamed of making deals with foreign governments that impoverish the African populations, pushing them to absolute destitution. They are not ashamed of being mocked by Trump because they fail simple arithmetic's to manage slender economies in their countries. President Trump is advocating: "make America great again" and what is an African saying about his/her continent that is being looted right left and centre by Chinese: the very Chinese who have no regards for Africa and Africans: The Chinese are racist towards Africans.

They are not ashamed of giving themselves salaries so skyrocketed even developed countries do not give such high salaries to their heads of states but in Africa everything is possible. They are not ashamed of seeking health services to foreign countries because theirs at home have collapsed, filthy and without medication. African heads of stated would rather be treated by white medical doctors and nurses in foreign lands and do not trust their own black doctors and nurses to treat them at their countries: reverse racism. They are not ashamed of expropriating billions of stolen monies to foreign bank accounts; they do not realize the fiscal consequences of expropriating money to other countries. This is how ignorant an African leader is: is it not a joke to have General Constantine Chiwenga as leader of country in the second Millennium?

We watch with total helplessness how Africa is being looted with the assistance of our political leaders. There will come a time when these African leaders will start giving up portions of African lands to Chinese government to make repayment of loans that are long overdue. These billion dollars of Chinese loans are not benevolent loans but are negotiated with brutal strings attached to it. Presidents like Chiwenga and Mnangagwa do not realize the fine prints in these given loans. We are not privy of these contracts that our leaders make with China.  We shall be shocked to realize in 50 years from now that African lands will be the property of China because of unpaid up loans. This is the legacy we are leaving our own children and children's children, poverty, landlessness and slavery in their own African continent.  

Let the 18th of April be just another day of the week because there is nothing to celebrate Zimbabwe Independence Day. How do we celebrate independence in strange lands? How shall we sing Zimbabwe songs in strange lands? We wish our future generation a better future than ours. This is a desperate wish to make because I know there is no foundation laid down for the coming generation to pick up from. When they curse us in our graves, we should never turn in our graves because we left nothing to show.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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