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Zimbabwe's 4 decades of independence and the Agrarian reform law

20 Apr 2020 at 09:15hrs | Views
Land reform formally began in 2002 under the disguise of taking back our land from white farmers and distribute it to the poor and landless Zimbabweans. The major beneficiaries weren't the general populace but the ZANU PF elites. Without the skills and resources to farm productively and profitable, this affects food productivity and security in Zimbabwe because there was never a conscious plan for an agrarian reform which would have increased productivity.

There's nothing to celebrate of this Zimbabwean independence. 40 years of ZANU PF has culminated into a country which is now ruled by a criminal syndicate and a coup terrorist group masquerading as a government. It specialises in organized crime and has a military, police force, a captured judiciary system and jails for human rights activists and opposition members. ZANU PF is more oppressive than the colonial rule of Ian Smith.

I cannot celebrate the worst record of human rights abuse faced by Zimbabweans by ZANU PF, shooting of unarmed civilians by the Zimbabwean army. Inflation skyrocketing, unemployment, dilapidated infrastructure, poor healthcare system, lack of currency, no water and electricity, only one captured television channel, taking patients to hospitals by wheelbarrows and burst sewage systems that constantly lead to water-borne diseases such as cholera.

What does independence mean for Zimbabwe exactly? Cashless banks, misuse of fertile lands, toxic politics that suffocate the economic growth, massive divestments and closure of companies, enforcement of one party state, rotten rule of law and judicial system, poor leadership and mismanagement of the economy, corruption and looting while Zimbabweans suffer under the jaws of extreme poverty. Zimbabwe depends on food aid from the international community. The lack of political reforms and the right to decide what is best for the people is usurped by a small clique that use war credentials as a licence to rule forever.

The process of transferring political rights and freedom to the majority known as political emancipation should be achieved. The inalienable rights of people such as individual freedom, liberty, equality, fair and equitable social justice, the right to new opportunities, the pursuit of happiness and the right to govern through the consent and free will of people remains a mirage even after 40 years of Independence. Resign Mr Failure ED Mnangagwa, please.

Human Rights Activist
Bigboy Sibanda

Source - Bigboy Sibanda
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