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Zimbabwe still in the same bus called Nyamweda only the driver has changed

23 Apr 2020 at 10:35hrs | Views
People from all walks of life, the opposition from different political parties, church organisations, students including myself was caught up in a frenzy and celebrated the fall of the former late President Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

Nearly everybody thought that a new Zimbabwe was born but my mind has been a workshop of ideas ,  caught in between two horns of a dilemma,  trying to figure out who really holds power in the revolutionary party.

The Zanu PF supporters do not have the power neither do they influence changes in the revolutionary party. There is a certain cartel in the army which calls the shots as far as leadership is concerned. So Zanu PF is hinged and dependent on the army and is a shell without it. The Zanu PF supporters are just used as canon fodder and do not wield any political muscle no matter how many times they can vote for the removal or replacement of their  leaders.

When Emmerson Mnangagwa was expelled by the late former President, he  used people from all the Provinces to endorse Emmerson Mnangagwa's expulsion but that was just a cover up.

Surprisingly the people who were in the fore front during Robert Mugabe's era calling for Emmerson Mnangagwa's expulsion from the party and accusing him of border jumping are the same people who are singing praises for him today.

So in a nutshell the same tactics which Mugabe used during his tenure of office are the same tactics being used by Emmerson Mnangagwa under his new republic. It is only the driver who has changed but we are still travelling in the same bus Nyamweda.

Robert Mugabe used to arrest anybody whoever crossed his political path and whoever challenged his political traction.

Arrests of the opposition members are continuing unabated. Hon Regai Tsunga Mutasa South Member of Parliament was arrested for sourcing food for his constituency.

We always read about Amai Auxilia Mnangagwa in the press donating and doing philanthropic work nearly every month and does not need any clearence. Selectively application of the law.

Such kind of arrest is nonsense. This new republic, new dispensation or whatever they call it, is just a replica of the old Mugabe's regime. Nothing has changed. The players are just the same , only positions of play have changed.

Recently we have also learnt of another arbitrary arrest on Lovemore Zvokusekwa (36) who was remanded in custody to May 13 2020 for circulating a fake document on different WhatsApp platforms , social media and mainstream media about coronavirus (Covid-19) a statement which turned out to be true.

This is how Zanu PF has been operating since 1980. To say that the political party , we could be lying to ourselves. It is a far fetched idea.

Zanu PF like before has been using the rural people as stepping stones to remain politically relevant in Zimbabwe The rural people of course have entitlement to the land that is an added advantage but they have fallen prey to the ruling party's propaganda

Politics like football can change during the 90 minutes of play.

Mugabe thought he was playing his cards well. Lessons are to be drawn. Politicians should never think that they will cling on to power and leadership forever. Team players can be substituted.  Power is sweet and it corrupts. Political players must learn to leave when they are still needed in the field of play.

Arsene Wenger left the position as Arsenal Team Manager when it was due though the supporters started calling for his head earlier and faced a little bit of pressure after serving 22 years.

His longevity and consistency at the club over such a sustainable highest level of the game cannot be matched,  where he took charge of over 800 games in his career. He received good applauds from all corners of the world. He steered the team at one time to unbeaten run. Let the people remember you for the good works you would have done in your community, society or country.


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