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A few hints to keep pests at bay

27 Apr 2020 at 19:46hrs | Views
Ants pestering you in the house, apparently calcium is a no no to ants. Using the common chalk draw a line breaching their route and they will turn back. Cucumber skins or rinds can also give them matching orders, just place the skins at source.

Mosquitoes can be a real menace, from their not so melodious eerie nocturnal sound to the irritating proboscis jab, mosquitoes annoy. Not only a bother but can cause malaria which is one of the most deadly diseases. Take a few cloves of fresh garlic and pound them into a paste, put a little water and drain off.

Spray the garlic water/oil into problem places and doze off peacefully. Lizards can be annoying too, they foul window seals and can mess around. A mixture of coffee and snuff (bute) placed at strategic places can actually cull them. Snakes, I can see a few readers sucking their tongues in disdain and paralysis with fear.

Does the Good book not tell us to hit it on the head? Before girding the loins for a fight with the serpents, avoid clutter at home. Do not create a 'home away from home' for the unsolicited legless  visitors. Old tyres, car shells and general trash can invite snakes. Keep yards clean and low fitted windows closed.

Used oil sprinkled around the homestead can keep snakes away. Plant rue on the perimeter and keep grass short. Houseflies when cooking offal, a burning candle in the kitchen can do the trick.

On a parting note, do not be a victim to Covid-19, observe the lockdown.

Tondo Thomas Murisa. Chinehasha.

Source - Tondo Thomas Murisa
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