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Avoid unnecessary gatherings even when the coast is clear

04 May 2020 at 16:00hrs | Views
Ceremonial gatherings are part and parcel of African culture and customs but now, faced with Coronavirus, we must be prepared to forego some of the ceremonies.

Things like unveiling of the tombstone, handshakes at funerals, marriage ceremonies and so on. We need plenty reforms including deliberate omissions if we are to curb spread of Covid-19 and similar viral infections. Only key personalities may be necessary for lobola proceedings, probably four or five people with the rest being informed via social media.

Memorials after a funeral can be shelved until the coast is clear. Impromptu visits should be 'revisited and revised' to reduce unnecessary exposures and minimize risks. This Corona thing respects nobody and knows no kinsmanship.

Let's follow advice of the experts and guidance from government. Consulting witch doctors and prophets 'Nicodimusly' must be discouraged vehemently. One may see them by night but fall sick by day, the scourge has proved all of them clueless and equally afraid for themselves and their families.

Since when did 'fresh milk and eggs' stop an epidemic? Incisions to the body will only disfigure you and leave the virus intact. Avoid gatherings and leisure strolls, wear masks if going out is unavoidable. Keep babies to yourselves and not hand them to this and that.

Sleepovers are unAfrican, everyone under your roof. Copious water and soap at funerals for hand washing.

Need we say more, stay safe.

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Mash. Central.

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa
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