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MDC blames Zanu-PF to quench the fires in their camp

08 May 2020 at 19:37hrs | Views
MDC is trying to increase the probability of wining election by making exaggerated claims to benefit their own platform   This is a campaign trick where a party tries to sway the mind of the people towards them by peddling lies and blaming ZANU PF. The false claims and allegations being spread by the MDC are that ZANU PF is using Mwonzora and Komichi to destroy MDC.  MDC is already tired and rundown. This blame game will not work.  MDC thinks that by exaggerating the undesirable characteristics of their rival negative campaigning they will extinguish the fires in their house. They try to donate Mwonzora to ZANU PF. Such lies may be detected at some point in the future and thus result in a costly loss in reputation. Thus the MDC must tradeoff immediate benefits against potential future costs.

The sad thing is that MDC rebels think that it is a model in which politicians can increase the probability of election by making exaggerated claims about the benefits of their own platform.

The accusations by Job Sikhala which are  pervasive profane and totally untrue that ZANU PF is behind the Supreme Court judgement. ZANU PF did not take MDC in any shape or surname to court. MDC decided to burn itself out. After they lost in the high court it was them who appealed. Actually Chamisa appealed against the high court ruling. If he had no interest in MDC T why did he take part in the appeal. He used his advocate of choice and by taking part he had put himself under the bounds of any ruling thereafter. He cannot apply selective thinking and thinks he can come in and out of court at will. He should lead by example and must learn to respect the law. Chamisa has shown her penchant for trampling all over the laws from his own constitution to the court rulings.  He started by taking ZANU PF and ZEC to the constitutional court after the ruling he defied the court order and told the whole world that ED was illegal.

Then he appealed against the high court and guess what he is now telling the world that ZANU PF IS INVOLVED.

It is also shown that there is a natural tendency for Chamisa to engage in more negative campaigning and his appetite to break the law is unquenchable.

It's a truism that Chamisa lies  Even MDC  themselves half-acknowledge this fact: they are, in their own words, 'terminologically inexact' or 'economical with the truth.' When asked whether lying is widespread in MDC.

As a result, there's a deep-seated and growing sense of apathy when it comes to politics.So pervasive is this sense of knowing all and the idiotic belief that any time people can be manipulated to start a ware or pandemonium to make the   Country ungovernable.

This fatalism is understandable but dangerously self-defeating. It shows the party supporters that their elected representatives will always spout falsehoods whether we like it or not. It encourages them. not to act, which is a curious attitude given that all of us would like our politicians to be more truthful.  MDC asked Job Sikhala to address a press conference. This oversight that Job Sikhala is not the SG or the spokes person shows how willing the MDC is to break their own protocol. Did they want a lawyer or a clown. They have Biti, Molokela, Mafume, Chamisa, Ncube are all lawyers why are they choosing Sikhala only when he is not SG, He is not President,  VP or National Chair where are they??  Sikhala is a loud mouth and does not think first.

The plan is to use Sikhala:s military face, the youth will then turn violent and cause Havoc and then Sikhala will be arrested whilst Biti, Chamisa, Kore, Khumalo, Hwende and Ncube  and others are issuing pressors from their homes. Sikhala takuyambira

This is a serious matter why is the Top leadership leaving it toJob Sikhala.
Job Sikhala must be reminded the Chamisa camp does not love him and they are throwing him under the bus. Soon after Sikhala pressor youth have been asked to destroy and burn some MDC offices and all this will be blamed on Job Sikhala whilst the Top 5 clap hands and drink coffee.

The MDC continues to lie and mislead people. They give people wrong statements knowing very well that it is misleading.

ZANU PF has no interest in MDC's internal squabbles. It is not Afraid of elections. It is not ZANU OF with a house on fire.

So it is irresponsible for Job Sikhala to threaten peace this is inhuman and totally unreasonable.
Zimbabwe must never be held at random. The only war we all expect is the war in the ballot. Such is the way of democracy and such is the way Zimbabwe must function. Those who feed on anarchy will be swallowed in their anarchist vices.

We as a people we must see beyond fake sensational headings. The best way for MDC is to follow the legal  route. Zimbabwe must never be divided by lawless bunch who survive on lawlessness.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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