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Shingi Muyeza must do the right thing: Resign from the Presidential Advisory Council (PAC)

11 May 2020 at 16:40hrs | Views
Allow me to express my dismay at Shingi's seemingly hard hitting sermon this past Sunday. To begin with, Shingi is a member of the PAC. At the PAC meeting, he will be dinning and winning with the same man he equates to the Present day Pharaoh. In addition, Shingi is seemingly attacking the present government from the pulpit - religion and politics are polarizing; they deal with deeply personal matters that are close to our passions.

Shingi must do the right thing and resign from the PAC immediately. Zimbabwean people are wising up. In my case, I have been observing Zimbabwean politics for the longest time and there is nothing new here; just old wine in a new bottle.

What saddens me is the brazenness of someone calling himself a pastor to come out in the open and try to play the Jah Prazah "mudhara vachauya front." What Shingi is doing is absurd. As a PAC member, he is privileged to certain information and he cannot use that information as a message from God. Whatever he picked from PAC, whatever it is, factionalism, military unrest, infighting, whatever, he must leave God out of it.

The government must arrest this guy if they have nothing to do with his message because he is inciting violence. Gullible youths will try to fill the streets and lives will be lost. Shingi will have blood on his hands but as we all know, if he is a messenger, he will end up as one of our ministers: a gift for a hatchet job well done.

To the youths of Zimbabwe, I say stay away from the streets. Find yourselves better ways of feeding your families - Zimbabwe is under military rule therefore thinking and hoping a mass uprising will work is nothing but a pipe dream. There are so many ways of getting yourselves out of your current situation than hid to Shingi's call of an uprising. If this was real or if these words had come from someone who represent a credible threat to the current government, there would have been arrests as we speak.

Source - Sam Wezhira
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