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Dr Energy Mutodi insults his minister by mistake

14 May 2020 at 21:24hrs | Views
Dr Energy Mutodi fired live animations to his minister Monica Mutsvangwa claiming that it is friendly fires. Such behavior is unwise,unpolitically placed,unministerial, behavior. While spitting his venom he behaved with utter idiocy and provoked other people who have been our friends.

He has been doing very well running his ministerial duties through Twitter.  This is such unwise, unpolitical, unministerial behavior which has led him to drown in the pull of his pride. Like a small boy sitting on a sofa with a razor blade he does not know what to do, in an honest belief of ownership the little boy scribes his name with a razor blade on the Sofa.

Mutodi got the good taste of luck to fall in the favor of His Excellence the President and he was given such an important role. The weight of his deputyship presses is hand down but unfortunately they fall on the Twitter.  His attack of his boss the minister of information and her husband was not befitting a deputy minister. In his childish bossy behavior Mutodi Energy acted in a manner not befitting a minister. He acted like an irate woman on an anthill in the thickest of of the thickest shouting profanities. We are mostly ashamed when Mutodi directs his fingers to the key body pumping words with no great sense to his Twitter.  

In a very ungentleman way Mutodi chose the twitter to attack his boss and his boss's husband. Monica Mutsvangwa and her husband. He made very serious allegations that Monica and her husband have captured the ministry and have abused it to their end. Mutodi forgets that the Ministry of Information is to generate propaganda to influence the population towards support for the government policy. By saying this now is being controlled by two individuals is an allegation which even suggests that the president is being fed with a bedroom pie backed by Mr and Mrs Mutsvangwa. He put up some flimsy grounds and should be pushed out of the cabinet ignominiously until he applies the ship liver. (Kurohwa ne Bapu re Hawaii atsige).

Mutodi must remember that the most important area for a gentleman to prove himself is his behavior towards others and how he is seen by his peers. Cde Mutodi sees the world through his myopic eyesight and always believe that the world rotates around him.

Instead of attacking his boss he was supposed to approach Monica Mutsvangwa in his office and iron out their problems. Washing their linen in public exposed his wisdom or lake of it. He should create a system where a wide range of media would be employed aimed at local and overseas audiences. This would carry messages of hope and progress not cheap gossip which is baseless and idiotic. A post by Mutodi has a wide range of themes fostering hostility to the colleagues.

Using a vast array of media, propagandists instigated hatred for the government. There is no way you can publicly attack a minister of a government without sketching the head.  

The president have so many praise singers. He does not appoint a minister for singing praise he appoints the minister to spear head the government policies in the best interest of the masses. What interest or benefit do the public get from an irate man firing solving from the waist aiming at his boss who is higher up. Patriotism must be the central theme of twitting not vengeance. Mutodi must reduce ugly rumors, and maintain peace. It must be always known that Careless talk costs lives.

Mutodi picks up information which could assist in our destruction. Imagine he uses twitter to insult God and our all weather friend Tanzania. Mutodi mocks God about Covid 19 in Tanzania. His tweet insulted God. He must not mock God not in our name. He disrespected the Tanzanian President and taunted his God and his faith. Such verbal diahorea Creates enemies and can get us a curse from God. Mutodi is overpowered by pride and over excitement. The two situations presents some traits of madness and the fruits are seen. It is true that little wisdom burdens the owner, on that basis we are well aware of the difficult decisions our deputy minister has to take to maintain sanity and to talk about what he knows and put it on twitter.

Mutodi must be very careful with twits which can be used against us just to get a story. It is obvious he is not aware of other things going on. Covid needs no games it is real and it kills.

We can discuss the way a gentleman looks in terms of his physical characteristics, whether it is his clothes, his grooming or his accessories. However, the most important area for a gentleman to prove himself in is his behaviour towards others and how he is seen by his peers. We understand gentlemanly behaviour comes in many different forms.

There are behaviors that every honorable Energy Mutodi should avoid so that he does not end up being half the man he should be.
A Gentleman Shouldn't Judge Others

Thanks to modern society and the scrutiny that both men and women face from their peers, it is rude for a gentleman to judge others and their behaviours. It is easy to make assumptions about those around us, but never forget that every individual is fighting a battle internally that you probably cannot see.Honorable Mutodi must be kind and respectful to those around him. Manners cost nothing but their value to others is high. Talk about others as you would want them to talk about you. The Twitt about the Mutsvangwas was not called for.
Engage with the people around you and show that you are keen to hear about their activities and achievements, the natural dynamic of the conversation should mean that they will want to hear as much about you as you do of them. People enjoy someone who is passionate about their friend's interests as well as their own.

A Gentleman Is Never Disrespectful Of Others
It can be a common occurrence for men to respect their male peers but not hold their female bosses in the same regard.
A gentleman's respect does not waver, regardless of gender, career or sexual persuasion. Gentlemen should support equality and the best way of doing this is by living by it, respect those around you and they, in turn, will respect you. Besides Monica Mutsvangwa is the minister.
If our deputy ministers are like this no wonder why they not act in the absence of the minister.

Cde Mutodi must Understand that success comes in many different forms; relationships, family, friends and personal health are all areas of your life that can be far more enriching than their perceived financial value. This is not to say that you should bankrupt yourself for the sake of happiness, but just remember that people want to feel valued and loved, money and power gives you neither.
 Indeed Mutodi needs a leash. The way he barks one day one will bitten.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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