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The international elites are at the gate!

24 May 2020 at 09:22hrs | Views
AS the month of November draws near and the United States national elections in the first week of November become a reality, it behoved me to search with diligence why this is an explosive season. The coronavirus pandemic has revealed some details about the global elite, which hitherto were hidden in plain sight.

An Indian philosopher once warned the natives of that country to beware that while they were in the process of overthrowing British rule, the elites had a tendency to reorganise and re-emerge in another form.

This new species is called the "global elites". Here is but one example. A statement by the Federal Bureau of Investigations issued on January 20, 2020, says that Harvard Chemistry professor and department chair Charles Lieber led a clandestine research group and set up a laboratory in Wuhan, China. He attempted to hide the fact that he was paid U$50 000 per month for his efforts.

Further, the mighty US government found out that at the out-break of the pandemic, most of their medical supplies, such as aspirin, antibiotics, bandages, face masks, clothes, student exercise books, and even the US flag itself, were made in China. The Chinese had the foresight to buy as many of these production lines as possible.

As the election looms, the international elites and media mogul elites are congregating around former vice-president Joe Biden. This is how the elites operate. Biden is a good man and a politician as one will ever find. But as the Indian philosopher said, all political elites have the same mother. Biden went to Washington at age 27 and has been there 50 years.

His son, Hunter, accompanied him to the Ukraine. Burisma Energy Company was under investigation for corruption. Hunter was appointed vice-president, and paid U$50 000 per month for the next several years. He could neither speak Russian nor did he have any experience in energy of any kind. When Ambassador Fiona Hill was sent to the Ukraine, she was instructed to pressure the Ukrainian government to leave Burisma alone. "I told that son of a bitch (Ukrainian president) to lay off my son or I will cancel the US loan," Biden senior is recorded as boasting.

The script was repeated in China and Hunter came back with a portfolio of U$1.6 billion for a technology buy-out company.

The same script was repeated in Iraq where James, Biden's brother, who had never built a dog house before, was appointed vice-president of a US company on the verge of a billion-dollar building contract from the government.

That is what the US election in November is about. All the big words you hear are but camouflaging the undercurrents of this seismic shift in the struggle of the poor man to have a say in the country of his birth.

Professor Lieber and Hunter Biden are vultures. Their prosperity comes from dismantling the knowledge matrices in their home countries and selling them abroad. They pay no mind whatever to ruins that they leave in their home countries and the resultant unemployment.

But there is more. There is an elitist ideological base for their activities.

Catholics have a worldview (perspective) that sees life as divinely initiated and sacred. For a very long time anti-abortion was an issue limited largely to a Catholic view of life. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo regards people of faith as unworthy of his attention and tolerance.

"Who are these conservatives? Are they these extreme conservatives who are right to life, pro-assault weapon, and anti-gay? And is that who they are? They have no place in the state of New York."

This perspective was buttressed by former president Barack Obama in his 2014 address at a private party. He regarded people of faith as "those who cling to guns or religion".

The issue here is bigger than the items in question: Abortion and gender fluidity. This ideological mindset views people of faith as ridiculous and superstitious. The elites need not pay any mind to these Neanderthals. They should be encouraged to jump off the face of the earth.

The events in Zimbabwe are but a minor intermission in the global picture.

The ordinary American has no say about where his next job is going to be located, while the global elites have captured both the media and government apparatus.

Hopewell Chin'ono has given us a homegrown example of the new elites. He says Landela Company was awarded a government contract to procure 162 buses from abroad at the tune of $863,2 million. Landela itself is a subsidiary of Sotic International. Sotic, based in Mauritius, is a supplier of energy equipment. Recently, Sakunda delivered medical supplies worth U$3 million. This Sotic has shares in Great Dyke Investments. Dyke Investments is a Russian subsidiary. Behind all this is the great Trafigura, an international conglomerate based in Singapore with interests in Angola's Puma Oil and Argentine investments as well.

I will go further than Brother Hopewell. The fact that Brother G is making U$148 000 per bus is only half the story. The other half is that such decisions, which exclude local companies like Zambezi Coachworks, Triangle Engineering and Zimasco, are being made by foreigners.

The elites have designed their companies in the form of Charybdis, a monster with seven arms. If Sakunda has imported medical supplies from abroad, it stands to reason that our own pharmaceutical companies are not in the picture.

The elites have suddenly discovered the evil behind dirty coal-fired power. Through government, they are giving tax rebates for solar systems and windmills. All the windmills and solar panels are made in China.

Let us return to the US, whose under-class populations have been awakened to the presence of these global elites. Surprisingly, the working class Americans have chosen a sorry man in the image of Donald Trump to represent them in this battle with Charybdis.

To add salt to injury, the elites want open borders so they can replace high-priced white labour with Latino immigrants. Ask yourself the same question. You are planning to increase your transport capabilities. The managers of Zambezi Coachworks and Triangle Engineering are at the table with the Chinese and Russian representatives. Whose influence is greater than the other?

Then go to Japan and sit side by side with Toyota representatives.

I rest my case.


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