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The new daughter-in-law

24 May 2020 at 22:02hrs | Views
The free ranger chicken was dragged unceremoniously from the chicken run amid cries of despair from its kind at the irreversible pending demise of one of their own. Whilst we worry about Covid-19 the chickens worry about us.

A new daughter-in-law had come into the village, complete with escort of her aunt and helping hand. The huts only homestead was swept clean and the groom's young brothers were in their best but  tattered attire looking not much different from 'juvenile scarecrows' or satirical alien festival caricature.

African culture is very rich, so rich it is 'creamy and nourishing' in wisdom. The host homestead must also accommodate neighbours and kinsmen. The new 'daughter' belongs to all, is in fact a village daughter.

African villages are in actual fact a one big home for all. The chicken is 'ceremoniously cut' by the new daughter-in-law under the eagle-eye watch from the aunts. Each chicken part and cut is selected and severed according to tradition and custom. Even the dishing and serving follows the same laid down procedures. There after the good times can roll.

Copious beer, singing, dance and token coins are thrown about with reckless abandon. The new daughter comes to high expectations of fecundity and priestly behaviour and straits. Very soon the new homestead must cheer the sound of little feet, 'pat-pat-pat' goes or comes the new addition.

The African village is growing in leaps and bounds. Our tradition of social gathering shall never be the same, this Covid-19 must be of evil parentage.

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Mash. Central.

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa
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