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Chamisa, Mnangagwa must discard politics of no hope

27 May 2020 at 07:50hrs | Views
AFTER a report on citizens' perceptions and expectations - Dancing on the Same Spot - by SIVIO Institute showed that citizens were increasingly losing faith and confidence in both the ruling Zanu

PF and the opposition MDC, it is imperative for the country's two major political parties to find each other and incorporate other stakeholders to find mutual solutions to the challenges bedevilling the nation.

We reiterate our position that without unity, and for as long as politicians pursue selfish and parochial interests at the expense of the public good, Zimbabwe will never pull out of the current hellhole, whose consequences have been worsened by the coronavirus outbreak, sweeping away ordinary people's livelihoods.

It is an open secret that Zanu-PF has failed to fulfil the promises it made ahead of the July 2018 harmonised elections and we know for certain those promises will remain no more than pipe dreams because the Zanu-PF party cannot go it alone as it clearly has no solution to the current crisis.

It does not help to maintain some political bravado and keep pretending that we are going somewhere under Zanu-PF when even a blind man can see we are stuck in cul de sac. And while all this is happening, ordinary citizens are simply watching from the sidelines as both Zanu-PF and the MDC play their politics with no hope whatsoever that things will change under the current political set up.

The disappointment, resentment and frustration are indeed running deep among the citizenry that had been made to believe that with the late former President Robert Mugabe out of the picture, the nation had turned the corner.

Unfortunately, it has proved to be a blind turn as political and socio-economic challenges continue to deepen with the country seemingly on autopilot.

Because of the political gridlock, there can be no hope whatsoever that the economy will recover any time soon.

The risk factors associated with lack of adherence to human rights standards means we are on our own and no international support will come to bail us out until we reform our politics.

Our leaders should have learnt this by now. But their political rhetoric is clear proof that they are either out of touch with reality or too proud to admit that they have failed and need help. But they have to make a decision soon and avoid an implosion that can decimate the nation.

Source - newsday
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