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The traditional grasshopper dish is back

01 Jun 2020 at 15:44hrs | Views
Now this is fascinating, scintillating and somewhat flabbergasting but above all, the taste is 'devilish good'.

Pot roasted grasshoppers (mhashu/hwiza) with sadza, rice or just for a - salty crunchy noise in your mouth. During and after harvest time in Mash. Central there is a type of grasshoppers that is very popular with kids and those beer drinkers with a strong inclination to meaty dishes.

With beef and chicken prices shooting through the roof daily, most households conveniently settle for grasshoppers that are said to be very nutritious, loaded with proteins. My versatile and evergreen niece would prepare the dish expertly and meticulously with hand-me-down skill.

Her name, my preserve.

She would get the insects, pull the heads complete with gut off, tail and wings off then work on the thoraxes, abdomens and broader limbs.

First boil the insects, rinse dry then fry in oil, salt included to taste. When the grasshoppers turn crisp and reddish like cooked prawns, know they are done. Now to board the culinary jet at the table, tighten your belts and enjoy the traditional, crispy and crunchy dish. If you do not ask for some more, its not a grasshopper.

I have asked the neighbourhood kids to catch more for a small return, may be to open a stop over 'Hopper Inn'.

Will collect them after lockdown, Coronavirus is real. Observe social distancing.

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Chinehasha.

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa
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