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'Am not at liberty to disclose covid-19 cases' - yet, per se, to condemn 100s X 1000s to covid-19 death

01 Jun 2020 at 23:00hrs | Views
"We do have new (covid-19) cases at the hospital and the figures have changed but am not at liberty to disclose anything at the moment," said Mpilo Central Hospital Clinical Director and Acting CEO Dr Solwayo Ngwenya.

"All I can say is that the behaviour of people in the city is worrying. It is as if all is normal. If you look at the human and vehicular traffic on our streets, you will be shocked."

Why should the public be concerned when they have been told the virus is NOT spreading in their community!

Until a week ago, 26 May the nation was told that there were 63 confirmed covid-19 cases; 4 have dead, 25 have completely recovered and the remaining 34 were in isolation.

Yes, the cases have since shot up. As of Saturday 30th May 2020 there are now 174 confirmed cases; only 10 out of the 111 new cases are local infections and the rest are returnees who are in quarantine already. And, once again, the nation was reassured all the new cases are isolation.

If there are any covid-19 cases in the local population then why has nothing been said about these cases? So, it is therefore not surprising that the people are not as diligent in social distancing, washing hands regularly, wearing mask, etc.  

They have no reason to disbelieve the government reports says there are covid-19 cases in the general populous. None! Of course, Dr Ngwenya and many others know better.

Last Wednesday Mpilo Hospital reported 4 covid-19 cases infection in the Hospital, one nurse and three patients. None of these 4 new cases have been included in Obadia Moyo, Minister of Health and Child Care (the only body at liberty to report on corona virus matters anyone else will be risking 20 year jail term).

There is no doubt that Mpilo Hospital was not the first clinic or hospital to come across a covid-19 case, have the test done to confirm it was covid-19 and yet discover the case is not included in the official covid-19 report. Indeed, after reporting the 4 covid-19 cases last week, Dr Ngwenya has once again zipped his mouth shut on corona virus matters.

"If you look at the human and vehicular traffic on our streets, you will be shocked," said Dr Ngwenya. His shock is all contrived.

The real shock here is how Zimbabwe's health professionals are conniving with this Zanu PF regime to keep the people ignorant of the spreading corona virus in the country. The regime has failed to contain the virus because of its blundering incompetence and to hide its failures it is under reporting virus cases. And the people, not knowing there are many infectious people in the midst, are not taking any precautions.

If the people knew the truth about how covid-19 is spreading and they still refused to wash their hands regularly, etc.; fair enough, blame the people for being reckless. But when those in positions of power and authority conspire to keep the people ignorant; of course, it is the conniving bureaucrats who must be held to account.

If the Chinese doctor, Dr Li Wenliang, of Wuhan General Hospital, he had cowed to Chinese Communist Party buffoons who wanted the corona virus outbreak kept a secret, how much worse off will the world be today? Sadly, not in Zimbabwe, the command of the buffoons still holds sway over reason and the command to save humanity!

"Am not at liberty to disclose corona virus cases!" Sure, and so too is Minister Obadia Moyo! And hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans are now doomed to get the corona virus, many will suffer and many will die!

Dr Solwayo Ngwenya, if your own life depended on disclosing the truth on the spread of corona virus; would you disclose the cases then? How do you know you will not be one of the hundreds of thousands corona virus victims, whom the authority will record as malaria or some such illness?

"Am not at liberty to disclose corona virus cases!" But by so doing you are at liberty to condemn hundreds of thousands to suffer and die of the virus! We are what we are; a nation of brain-dead clowns!

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