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Shonas must support Republic of Matabeleland establishment for their own good

11 Jun 2020 at 10:28hrs | Views
Tribal oppression is a double bladed sword that hurts both the oppressed and the oppressor. Shona people and all their families must support Matabeleland restoration as it is a good cause that seeks to free both the oppressed and the oppressor from their pains.

With the support of Shona people Matabeleland statehood restoration will be peaceful and smooth.

A state of the art border post will be build between the Republic of Matabeleland and the Republic of Zimbabwe.This will enable citizens of both republics to cross freely and legally using their passports and both countries will live peacefully side by side.

Trade agreements and treaties will be signed between the two  governments and the Republic of Matebeleland shall provide a secure haven for stolen money from the Republic of Zimbabwe by its citizens as  stealing and corruption is part of Shona culture.

The Republic of Matebeleland shall allow and provide genuine political asylum to Zimbabweans as their country will remain politically and economically dysfunctional. Due to our prosperity, many of their good women will dump their men and opt to be married to Matebele man.
Diplomatic relations will be maintained with both countries hosting each other's embassy.

If I were a Shona person I would support Matabeleland cause without any hesitation and invite my family, relatives, friends and fellow Shonas to do the same.

The present Zimbabwe political environment is thorny. Matabeles live in fear of another genocide,  agony of oppression and perpetual gross human rights abuse by the Shona government while Shona people fear the day when the tables will turn and Matabele take over political power in Zimbabwe.

That is the reason why Shonas spend sleepless nights imagining how Matabele will plot a retribution plan to produce their own version of The Grand Plan. Imagining how Matabele will hire North Korean instructors to train Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade and deploy it in Mashonaland to kill over 40 000 innocent and unarmed  Shona civilians, ,rape over 100 000 women and children, rip apart pregnant women wombs to remove and kill foetuses and mothers, burn women's private parts with plastic, force lactating mothers to grind their children using corn pounders,  burn down more than 100 000 homes some of them with Shona families  inside, torture and maim more than 300 000 Shonas, force them to sing Ndebele songs praising Cde Paul Siwela while dancing on the shallow graves of their dead Shona relatives.

Force all leaders of Shona parties to sign a Unity Accord and dissolve all their parties to form one party state under one name, MLO and one leadership of Cde Paul Siwela and make him President for life.  Reserve position of the President and 1st Vice President for Matabeles only with second VP Position becoming a permanent Post for Shona people only, for more than 40 years.

Form a cabinet that is dominated by Matabele people. Promote National Army 5th Brigade Ndebele Commanders to occupy high positions in the government and security sector ie police, prisons, national army, air force and Central Intelligence Organisation. Promote Matabele people to be Commissioners, CEOs and managers in all sectors.

Use our newly found absolute power to make Bulawayo the capital City of Zimbabwe. Deploy Ndebele teachers, nurses, police officers, prison wanderers and officials, judges,prosecutors , lawyers, bankers and administrators to work in Mashonaland cities and rural areas. Deploy Matabele people in general to all corners in Mashonaland to  take all general jobs and occupy houses and every piece of farming land available in Mashonaland.

Empower Matabele business people financially to take up all business opportunities in Mashonaland and around the country.

Although the fears by the oppressors are unfounded, they are real. Shona supremacist leaders and the beneficiaries of Shona oppression (shona people) are always on guard that Ndebele people do not get anywhere near the levers of power. Tribalism in Zimbabwe is a monster that kills minorities and shreds parties into pieces. Even the country has not survived the sharp teeth of the monster as it has been ripped apart into the Republic of Matabeleland and Zimbabwe.

Their energies and moneys  are spent on preventing Matabele from taking over power than developmental issues. If a Matabele person is about to assume a position of President even in the opposition party, that party will be rather destroyed that same day through a split than let a Ndebele lead. MDC has been destroyed twice and built from scratch just to stop Matabele from being president or occupy any position of power.

All said, with or without the support of Shona people, the Matabeleland revolution will forge ahead. The revolution is blind and stubborn. It knows no constitution, knows no law, knows no soldier or policeman. Put simply, Matabeleland revolution, like many others in Africa, will not be guided by the constitution of the oppressor, his lawmen or army.

As Victor Hugo once said, "no army can stop an idea whose time has come".

Matabeleland statehood restoration is an idea which is overdue!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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