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Zimbabwe punishes EU, America, and the World Bank!

11 Jun 2020 at 18:34hrs | Views
Refusing Zimbabwe a corona bailout, World Bank and western countries must be severely punished. The punishment America and the western world received is greater than thunder itself. Three weeks ago, three female activists: Joanna Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri, and Netsai Marowa were abducted, tortured, and sexually abused by state security agents following their participation in a street protest.

Among the methods of torture used was the shoving of gun barrels into the girls' bodies and forced consumption of each other's urine and faeces. To refuse to bailout Zimbabwe, the Western countries feel the wrath of the Zimbabwean government: Zanu is telling the world that the girls abducted themselves: their abduction have nothing to do with the state and police; said the current government spokesman, Ziyambi. It was obvious that if they do not get any bailout from the west, why should they bother with abductions of opposition party members. The government promised to investigate the abduction case, a bait: they acted and sounded as if they uphold the rule of law while Mthuli Ncube's letter was considered in the World Bank offices.
When the bailout was declined, the Zimbabwean government reacted swiftly, they poured scorn on western countries by openly accusing the abducted girls of self-abduction to tarnish the "good government." The mentality of Zanu PF is that the citizens of Zimbabwe are the responsibility of the western countries. When Zanu PF commits heinous crimes of atrocities of abductions, tortures, rapes Zimbabwean citizens, they know the reaction that comes from western countries. EU and America will automatically react, condemn, speak against human rights atrocities: these countries have respect for human lives in their judiciary institutions.

A white policeman who murdered George Floyd is in prison charged with second degree murder, but the Zimbabwean CIO who committed crimes against humanity just three weeks ago are not even arrested. Without shame, George Charamba with questionable moral high ground, condemns the brutal murder of George Floyd: thinks he can join the international community condemning the brutal murder of a black American: Charamba serves a morally bankrupt state that has no regards for human rights. Zanu has committed worst crimes against humanity and they cannot put themselves on a global pedestal to condemn racism in America while in Zimbabwe there has been history of genocide and systemic tribal atrocities still committed to this day.

This informs the world about irresponsible government we have in Zimbabwe. The cases of our three daughters has been concluded, according to government spokesperson. They have given their position regarding the abductions and it is enough. We have been saying again and again that we have criminals and thugs running the government of Zimbabwe.  
The article written by Advocate Tendai Biti on Bulawayo social media was informative.  Mr Biti, please forward it to the World Bank and other Western money lenders, they should know first-hand what is happening to us in Zimbabwe: No funding should be given. Advocate Biti should make this glass clear to them that the bailout will not reach out to communities intended to assist in the corona crisis, instead will be looted by the Zanu regime shamelessly together with their relatives and friends. The government of Zimbabwe is abusing the corona funding daylight. The government in Zimbabwe is run by thugs and criminals, Mthuli Ncube included. The finance minister has one foot in Zimbabwe and another in Switzerland: just in case!!

The finance minister wrote a letter beginning of April 2020 begging western money lenders to bailout Zimbabwe with a sum of three quarters billion US dollars. Professor Mthuli Ncube begged the institution to bailout Zimbabwe and curiously: he thinks he can secure a national credit-line using his Oxford academic credentials as collateral. If these institutions were stupid as Ncube thinks they are, the World Bank will have splashed money to a government that was salivating for a loot. Collins Mnangagwa was waiting for his allocation of under 100 million US dollars. To be exact he was to get 60 million to fund his fictitious project because he is entitled to this corona bailout on grounds that he is offspring of President Mnangagwa.

Emmerson Mnangagwa has 42 children, so we are told by those who know his private life. If all these children upbraid the state institution ZESA: scornfully liken their homes as state houses and ZESA is not supposed to read their electricity meters, let alone entering their premises. The good question is, how are our institutions going to operate efficiently if 42 households do not pay electricity bills? Some ZESA officially went to Mnangagwa's son's farm to read electricity meters as per their duties. The ZESA official was threatened with death, his body was going to be buried at the backyard of his farm said Mnangagwa's son.

These death threats emulated from their father Emmerson whose hands is open secretly known to have murdered several Zanu PF inner circles who posed a threat to Mugabe rule. (We are not talking about the Gukurahundi killings here) Mnangagwa's children have learnt gruesome killings of innocent people is normal. Does it surprise us that our state treasury is bankrupt if Mnangagwa's children are exempted from paying electricity bills? The fear of gruesome killing makes all of us fear and tremble about the first family. The ZESA official who visited Mnangagwa's son to read electricity meter trembled and feared for his life.

Finance minister is not ashamed that the truth about bailout funding came out later that Mnangagwa's son was going to be part of the beneficiaries of the bailout funding from the World Bank. He and his accomplice were going to make a profit of 50%, roughly 30 million US dollars was going to go into the pockets of Collins Mnangagwa. ZACC did not act on this because the looters are legitimatized by the government: Collins is out of touch of ZACC:  it is the son of the first civil servant who is to be allocated that tender and this looting is done broad day light. This piece of news that Collins was to get 60 million came out in the social media: corona pandemic, according to Collins Mnangagwa, is a silver lining that should be taken advantage of to the maximum while his father ruled.

Thuggery, looting and criminality in Zimbabwe have reached its unprecedented levels and this act of impunity goes unchallenged by the citizens, we wonder still how long we can endure this. Our girls are being harassed by Zanu PF for faking abduction hence the Zanu shenanigans are now making rounds at the United Nations offices. Zanu PF openly fakes emotions that they are concerned about the African American citizen who was murdered by the police and yet Zimbabwe police cannot account for the recent abductions of Joanna Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri, and Netsai Marowa. The government is continuously feeding liars to the international community that the girls stage-managed their abductions. We are relieved that the EU, UK, UN, and money lenders do not buy this fabricated self-abductions stories.

People who know Zanu and its criminal record from as far back as the liberation struggle, the early independence of Gukurahundi genocide activities, the farm invasions, Murambatsvina, the 2008 general elections are not surprised by the Zanu poking scorn on abducted girls. This is how Zanu has operated since its inception. Zanu deyeropa, (Zanu has petals of blood) they say this for a reason known to all those who know Zanu PF modus operandi. We strongly believe that everything has its time, and this will pass just as Mugabe era is now history.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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