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The children of politicians should not be judged on their parents' actions

15 Jun 2020 at 08:36hrs | Views
Political leaders are always under the eyes of the nation. Moreso in politics politicians are constantly watched by those who wish them bad so that they can faulter, they are equally watched by those who wish them well. In most cases when it becomes clear that you can not find anything wrong on them their family members become the trap. The eyes are microscopically focussed on the family members. Most political leaders fall from Grace because of the actions of their family members.

In law there is an apportionment of the blame to those who have not done anything themselves but those under them or their family members do it for them. This is called Vicarious liability it is a legal doctrine whereby a person who is not personally at fault is legally required to bear the burden of another's tortious wrongdoing. ... As a general rule (to which there are exceptions), an employer will not be vicariously liable for the torts of an independent contractor.Vicarious liability is where one person is held liable for the torts of another, even though that person did not commit the act itself. ... The most common form of vicarious liability is when employers are held liable for the torts of their employees that are committed during the course of employment. Most Presidents became unpopular because of their wives or their children or other distant family members. Vicarious liability in English law is a doctrine of English tort law that imposes strict liability on employers for the wrongdoings of their employees.

Zimbabwe would remember that in 2017 Robert Mugabe the first president of Zimbabwe was brought down by the actions of his wife. Zimbabweans reacted with outrage to Grace Mugabe's extravagant ways and the way her children abused government funding and became sworn public enemies. Grace went further to antagonise the army and made it her business to insult the the then Vice President at any opportunity to open her mouth. Mugabe's legacy was to be curtailed because of the actions of his family.

In Zambia Kenneth Kaunda had problems controlling his Children. One of his sons was murdered in a politically motivated robbery.

Colonel Kadaffi  lost his sons to the rebels because during his time in power his children did not realise what was their father's and what was for the people of Lynda.
Every child is bound to be proud of his father's achievements but must learn to draw clear boundaries. Some showing off tendencies brings the name of the father in disrepute.
President Mnangagwa has started very well and the First Lady swept the hearts of many.  She proved to be clearly different from Grace Mugabe. She managed to leave the social space between her job and that of her husband.

By maintaining her position the First Lady has managed to save the husband from insults. She still commands the respect she deserves and her behaviour benefits the party the nation and the husband. 

However the children are still chocking under the excitement of the father's power. This puts their approval rating below expectations. Any wrong doing by the family members taints the good work of the parents. "the wrongful conduct is judged to be so closely connected with acts tauthorised to be done by the parents' office that, for the purposes of the liability of the name of the office of the president  to the electorate it may fairly and properly be regarded as done by the parents while acting in the ordinary course of their office. "The words "fairly and properly" are not, therefore, intended as an invitation to the electorate  to judge behaviours according to their personal sense of justice, but require them to consider how the guidancederived from the works of the parents furnishes a solution to the behaviour of the children.

In Angola Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of former President Dos Santos of Angola and the richest woman in Africa, got access to lucrative deals involving land, oil, diamonds and telecoms when her father was president.  This gave a very negative opinion of herself and the former president.

It gave an opinion that Africa's ruling and largely dictatorial elites prefer to keep themselves in power by using and abusing their economies at the cost of progress and on the backs of Africa's masses. Africa over the past months has seen closely-fought elections whose integrity was far from clear – alongside serious outbreaks of protest and violence in a number of countries.  Most problems are caused by those close to the circles of power.
This challenges the complacent and self-serving view on the pace and depth of democratisation and accountability of many African governments. It has also clearly demonstrated the ability of its leaders to use the media, forces of coercion and informal networks to retain power and crush opposition.

Recently the independent MP Temba Mliswa who is related to President Mnangagwa by blood took to the social media to try and discipline the Mnangagwa twins.

Our children do seriously compromise our good names. Social media was awash with one of the President's son boasting that he is the richest man in Africa. This came few days after an opposition leader and former ZANU PF member Xaviour Kasukuwere posted pictures of millions of US dollars claiming that he is still rich.
It is is this irresponsible boasting by those close to power which alienate the people from the power.

It makes no sense for any one be it Kasukuwere or Kudakwashe to boast about money when the nation is poor and starving.
Phillip Chiyangwa learnt it the hard way when the people of Chinhoyi rejected him because he was too showy.

The idea of showing off does not only show the level of wisdom or its absence. It actually creates enmity between your source and the general populace.

The New dispensation has created a different atmosphere and if the children near the corridors of power are not controlled all the hard work will be in vain.
The leaders are being vilified because their children are living a life of showing off.  

The associations of Drax have embarrassed us but the damage is controllable. The actions of the children or their associations must not be read through the works of the parents. People should grow up and remove children from their father's power.  Furthermore  the children are not the politicians. Most of them do not even campaign so they must not be given the big task of being their parents' ambassadors.

Let each person be judged by his own actions or inactions.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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