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Mnangagwa must expel Jacob Mudenda

15 Jun 2020 at 12:01hrs | Views
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Today President Emmerson Mnangagwa leads the nation in a day of prayer and fasting. This is a noble initiative and welcome development, however the context of the day of prayer and fasting make the entire event seem like a dubious window dressing charade.

President Mnangagwa and Fortune Chasi must deal decisively with the issue of corruption. It is sad that they are going after small-time players, lawyers, Joanna Mamombe and others while one of the most corrupt individuals presides over the legislative arm of Government.

Zimbabwe's anti corruption efforts will not bear fruit if the legislative arm of government is presided over by a corrupt charlatan.

There has been overwhelming evidence against Jacob Mudenda yet the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission and its sister organisations ignore the matter.

The issue of the ZINARA audit report exposed Mudenda as corrupt and nothing was done about the report nor Mudenda. It comes as no surprise that Members of Parliament refuse to declare their assets and that all adverse reports on state-owned enterprises or corruption are swept under the Parliamentary carpets.

Jacob Mudenda is a cog in the anti-corruption wheels. Jacob Mudenda needs to be relieved of his duties so that he can face the allegations against him.

The Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission needs to attend to the Jacob Mudenda issue urgently, and if ZANU PF has an effective disciplinary committee or ethics and integrity committee then they should equally attend to the Mudenda issue.

Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda made headlines after being implicated in the damning ZINARA saga by Norton independent legislator Temba Mliswa. Years later there is no action or word on the ZINARA issue.

Mudenda was once again sucked into a $1 million land scandal which involved ZESA Holdings Pension Fund. This is a serious offense as it jeopardises the wellbeing of ZESA pension fund contributors.

Mudenda used political influence and acquired some commercial stands from Victoria Falls Town Council in 2001, which in itself was a blatant act of corruption compounding the issues against Mudenda.

Advocate Jacob Mudenda got 3000 hectares which is too big for an individual, subsequently, Mudenda failed to develop the land for more than a decade. The Vic Falls town council summoned Mudenda with the intent of repossession as stipulated by the town authorities by- law.

To avoid losing the land, Mudenda approached ZESA Holdings Pension Fund offering to sell the land in question located at Stand Number 1351 Victoria Falls township.

Title deeds on the said piece of land were only done after Zesa had paid Mudenda in 2018.

Documents at hand show that the land was valued at 500 000 United States Dollars but Mudenda sold it for twice the market value to ZESA Holdings Pension Fund.

There are copies of the bank transfers dated May 24, 2018, where ZESA Holdings Pension Fund paid out $500 000 United States Dollars from its Stanbic Bank account number 9140002086010 into Mudenda's ZB Bank Limited account.

The other $500 000 was deposited to Vic Falls town council  and Mudenda literally acted as a ‘middle man' pocketing half a million United States Dollars in the dubious transaction.

 Mudenda got the commercial land in 2001 from the Town Council, however, he did not develop the land in any way. But since he is a powerful politician Council did not repossess the land and they had to allow Mudenda to play a middle man role in the ZESA deal.

Mudenda arm-twisted ZESA Pension Fund to purchase the land.

ZESA had no plans to purchase any land in Victoria Falls during that period but they were arm twisted by the Speaker to buy the land since he was going to benefit from the transaction.

These are the stains of the new dispensation which need remedial action.

Jacob Mudenda is not fit to serve as Speaker of Parliament and he is incapable of providing oversight to ensure that National Objectives as enshrined in Chapter 2 of the Constitution are fulfilled.

Chapter 2 Movement hereby calls for the speedy prosecution of Jacob Mudenda on charges of abuse of office regarding the ZESA land deal. The deal prejudiced ZESA and its pension fund contributors.

We urge the Minister of Energy, ZACC, and all responsible authorities to ensure that the ZESA and ZINARA issues are speedily resolved.

We equally urge Jacob Mudenda to resign from his parliamentary post so that he does not abuse the position to cover his tracks

Source - Chapter 2 Movement
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