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The need for a Social Contact

16 Jun 2020 at 11:52hrs | Views
"The old is dying and the new cannot be born,in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear." 

The above famous quote by Antonio Gramsci best captures how a citizenry finds itself on pins and needles  engrossed with more irons in the fire,tongue in cheek, laughing at our own expense even about where we find ourselves as a people of the beautiful land of Zimbabwe, livid, blaming our crossroads on some bete noire who is crass ignorant and full of compulsive proclivity to make rotten every thing he touches.

Of the morbid symptoms, Jane Kel, a law professor  mentions huge inequality, poverty, instability,alienation,displacement and ecological collapse, all of which has reduced the citizenry to being morose at best and mordant in the least and as Ibbo Mandaza put it right, "we are standing on the edge of precipic. "The centre cannot keep holding,but why are we people of Zimbabwe seemingly stuck in a rut and a new season seems to be a repeat of old, that infamous but familiar vicious cycle trod?

 Policy is a law, guideline, principle or strategy used to solve a problem or problems.When policies are implemented and enforced they help address issues important to the public and in Zimbabwe we need a citizenry which participates firmly in policy formation from the grassroots and a responsible government that implements it without prevarication,but to even get there we must debunk some myths, deconstruct others and break most old habits.         

We are a fearful,careless and selfish people,thanks to the system we have allowed ourselves rule over us since our ancient times.We are raised to reverence the status quo and never question disability, inability,deficiency in management and hierarchy. Our traditional authority resembles a monarch in fashion just as when a father,nomatter how much he subjects his own wife and children to abuse,he should never be questioned. Our society is patriarchal and we grow on this,a great undoing which has led us to this shoddily dastard and tragic national governance.

We need a social contract which produces domestic policies in sync with foreign policies. Good public/domestic policies solve public problems effectively and efficiently, serve justice, support democratic institutions and processes alongside encouraging an active,emphatic citizenship.An opinion letter in The Independent newspaper of 9 August 2019 describes foreign policy as a, "domestic policy with a hat on." A dressed up version of its domestic policies.  
 Young people and old citizens alike,the educated and the wise need to meet and interact, to implicitly agree among the members of society to cooperate whether one is an MDC -T, MDC-N, MDC Alliance or ZANU PF supporter. We need to sacrifice individual freedom for state protection. This will help with transition. Whichever party wins there would be no fear of "selling out what we fought for", that tired mantra. There would be no , "You invited sanctions" and "You caused it" blame game in our nation. Everyone needs to be respected and involved. Zimbabwe belongs to us all.We demand to be involved and counted in as decision makers.      

Right now thereis been rampant deforestation ,poaching,looting of minerals and wealth by the Chinese,of course with the help of our corrupt ruling elite. Water pollution, soil erosion, poverty and unemployment reaching unprecedented levels because some people feel entitled and they wont want to be accountable. It is a banana republic with a free for all punctuated by a politics of patronage, violence, policy failure and  implementation gap. Hyper inflation, de industrialization, collapsing services, mass impoverishment, narrow vision and violent intolerance of  ZANU PF in cahoots albeit mostly not in planned correlation has dashed the hopes of the most hopeful.       

A study of Hobbes' social contract theories and other modern theorists will help us as citizens understand how this most fundamental source of all that is good infused with that which we depend upon to live well can work.    

 Many of us are never celebrated because of the excuses we make instead of tackling real issues.We are part times to great visions but crowd ourselves with too many little jungle tales. I challenge every citizen to grab the bull by its horns,waving a red flag like a Santana in front of a raging Spanish bull even.We have a generation to answer to after us and a nation to build for ourselves.Our destiny cannever be left in the hands of the selfish few. It cannot happen and we shall not let it be. Civil society, the opposition have tried but can only be this much this far together with a few open minded selfless ones within ZANU PF have played their parts. Everyone needs to be involved  in agenda setting,policy formulation, decision making, implementation and evaluation,the 5 policy making processes as identified by HowlettRamesh, (Repley,1985 in McCool,1995,p.159).

Evangelist Sendekai W.T

Source - Evangelist Sendekai W. T
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