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Shock as Zimbabwe left with 1 cancer radiotherapy machine

24 Jun 2020 at 11:08hrs | Views
The public healthcare system in Zimbabwe has become dysfunctional even at the lowest level of care. The primary healthcare system is severely incapacitated.

Chapter 2 Movement is infuriated and not amused by the state of health care in Zimbabwe.

The level of graft in the  Mnangagwa administration is absolutely shocking. They had 62 Million USD to give to Delish Nguwaya and 400 000USD per land cruiser to squander at the expense of the people. The state has money for private jets for President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the state has vast resources to spend on non-essentials, yet a young woman with potential cannot find affordable health care.

Many patients have been turned away from their surgical appointments because of the power cuts and those on life support are in a precarious position, to say the least. Tendayi Gwata is a testament to the fact that seeking healthcare services in Zimbabwe is as dangerous as truth-telling. Broken radiotherapy machines mean that Tendai Gwata can't finish her much needed Chemotherapy, she is forced to contemplate major surgery in a nation that doesn't have the basics.

As Chapter 2 Movement, we stand with Tendayi Gwata. Emmerson Mnangagwa and his leadership have let the people of Zimbabwe down. Emmerson Mnangagwa prefers his luxurious ride in a Private Jet at the expense of a young vibrant woman with a future  Tendayi Gwata and millions of others who are similar to her and are in her position.

I am Tendayi, we are Tendayi and the Emmerson Mnangagwa government is destroying our lives, our healthcare, and incomes. The people of Zimbabwe need to stand with Tendayi Gwata and as Chapter 2 we will stand with Tendai, and if need be we will protest again at all Zimbabwean embassies.

To Emmerson  Mnangagwa, No one can say with certainty when a people's revolution will happen in Zimbabwe, but for a country where the living conditions have declined to unbearable and desperate levels, and the political system is impervious to reform and unashamedly continues to corruptly serve a small elite and impoverish the citizenry, it is surely on the air.

Source - Chapter 2 Movement
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