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Mobile money brewing storm

27 Jun 2020 at 08:56hrs | Views
Suspension of mobile money transfer platforms is one of the latest unorthodox means of chocking the people of Zimbabwe. The clueless government is running away from the actual problem and culprits degrading the economy and takes on a symptom of their making by destroying the main surviving mode of the citizenry. Why hide behind a finger when we all know the kingmakers are within the ZANU PF and its government, the very top of leadership. As usual, they only target the ponies in the game to divert attention but this time why the whole nation. Now you have suspended the only workable money transaction solution in the nation what is next?

The government has not provided any solution for those whose accounts are on Ecocash, how will people go on by their daily activities, buying and selling when there is no hard cash in the banks? Worse still even if you have money in the bank, it's inaccessible, there is a limit and furthermore lockdown measures are still in place that restricts movement, so how are people going to survive, how are people going to trade?

What is going to happen to their money in the Ecocash?

There are no mitigation measures in the suspension. Nick Mangwana's announcement is simply short of common sense, embedded in policy inconsistence and recklessness. We need answers, we need to know the measures you are taking to safeguard our money. Don't you have any soul for the innocent suffering people, in particular, those in the very remote corners of our nation, what will they do now? Did the government even thought of them? As ridiculous as it may sound, NO the government did not think about them and the suffering they continue to impose on the poor, who only matter to them when its election time. We can't take this anymore, we need to breathe.  

God hear our prayers and bless our nation Zimbabwe.

Dr. Takesure Tazvishaya.

Source - Dr. Takesure Tazvishaya
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