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Zimbabweans must not be used by the army to oust Mnangagwa

28 Jun 2020 at 11:04hrs | Views
In this article my desire is to enlighten the public especially those that are not well connected to the corridors of power in Zimbabwe, what do I mean by the term corridors of power? It simply means the apex offices where critical political decisions are made which in turn will have both negative and positive impact on the lives of Zimbabweans especially the poor. I am going to shed more light on three aspects that I have named (CD3) and the first two will never at any given time liberate the suffering Zimbabweans from the current political and economic problems facing the nation of Zimbabwe. So these three aspects are the Political System, Opposition Politics and the People of Zimbabwe.

The founders of this draconian or oppressive political system in Zimbabwe includes the late Rex Nihongo, Robert Mugabe plus a group of other liberation icons both late and alive, Zanu-PF is not the problem in Zimbabwe either is President Mnangagwa, but it is this system that was created by Mugabe in order to make him a life President. How does the system work? simple it controls all state apparatus such as the security forces, judiciary, Parliament in actual fact it controls everything even the church in Zimbabwe, its subordinates control the educational systems, arts, sports and recreation, the System controls everything and it's on the verge of controlling the Zimbabweans.

Is ED part of the system defiantly yes, the Presidency, Zanu-PF  and the Security Sector controls the system, not everyone within these three controls the system but a group of people, which means removing ED won't solve the current problems, either removing Zanu-PF as well, but the whole system needs to be removed, that's why when Mugabe was removed the same problems continued, laying it clearly that all these problems in Zimbabwe are as a result of an oppressive political system that seeks to keep certain individuals in power while they continue looting instead of developing the country. Hence that's why I am saying Zimbabweans must not be used by the Army to remove Mnangagwa, rather Zimbabweans should remove the whole system which includes top military bosses.

The System has managed to destroy the genuine opposition in Zimbabwe and what we are witnessing in Zimbabwe at the moment is just an extension of the System purporting to be the opposition in Zimbabwe. In short Opposition politics is now dead so I am not going to waste my energy discussing what is happening in MDC issues. The opposition had a chance to dismantle the system in 2008 and during the GNU but it failed to capture state power, they had another chance in 2017 and in 2018 but it failed again.

Zimbabwe's opposition parties have been compromised and infiltrated a lot, so if Zimbabweans are still hoping that Nelson Chamisa and his group of psychopaths are going to rescue them please keep on dreaming. MDC is now buried at Zanu-PF Headquarters. So in a nutshell they is no opposition party that is going to rise up and dismantle the System, its time has expired and MDC IS NOW HISTORY.

The only hope left in Zimbabwe is for the masses to remove the System, this has happened in Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, the Arab Spring and recently in Sudan. They are no miracles that are going to happen for this system to be removed from power except if the people can learn from what happened in the above mentioned countries.


Knowledge Hakata is the Co-Founder of Demos Cratos and is based in Harare. He can be contacted on or +27610014147

Source - Knowledge Hakata
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