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The differences between Malawi events and Zimbabwe.

29 Jun 2020 at 13:36hrs | Views

I have been closely following the events of Malawi for the recent and the people comparing the situation to Zimbabwe.In my view in this article l would beg to differ that the situation was the same in Zimbabwe and Malawi although a few similarities may be picked.

To begin with, the elections were held in a tense environment in Malawi with the opposition accusing the ruling party of rigging and that was different from Zimbabwe where the elections were rated the best in Zimbabwean history only to save for the post-election violence of 1 August.

2. The ruling party won the first round by 159000 votes and in Zimbabwe, the ruling party won by 300000 votes respectively ahead of the oppositions. Both oppositions took the matter to the constitutional court, yes that's a similarity, however, the evidence provided was different. In Malawi, their recording forms which l will call V11 for the purpose of this article were deleted using the inks and that was presented before the courts and the courts saw that it was a serious irregularity and nullified the election. Back here in Zimbabwe, the opposition did not even have those V11 to start with, their case was based on things like the announcement of ZBC that 100000 people have voted @5pm and why they reached 370000 at the end of the day, also why were 40000 teachers not given the opportunity to vote, the ghost polling stations which they failed to prove and the case was broadcasted live for all to see and we all saw that Mpofu was good in his linguistic and Latin phrases but without evidence. That alone was different from the Malawi case and that's were everything on the decision rested,in Malawi evidence was there of rigging but in Zimbabwe, the opposition wanted to rely on irregularities.

When the opposition in Malawi approached the courts they were seeking 1 thing that is the nullification of elections but in Zimbabwe, the opposition was seeking 3 alternatives and these are (in order) declare the applicant president, nullify the election and call for a rerun or declare that ED did not garner the 50%+1 so order a runoff. You can spot the difference here in Malawi they were sure of what they wanted by here in Zimbabwe it seems the opposition was gambling with the courts. Even filing the application out of the 7days required raised a lot of questions which was not the case with Malawi.

A political party will gain relevance based on their achievements, when ED removed Mugabe he got new sympathizers by then and when Chamisa took over from Tsvangirai the death of Tsvangirai on its own rejuvenated the opposition and it got a hike in its support. My case here is there are certain events that will give the party new support and in this case obviously the people of Malawi were so proud to be in history books with opposition succeeding in nullifying an election which is rare in the world over. That achievement alone made the opposition candidate to garner a number of supporters mind you that Mutharika won by a mere 159000 and the opposition managed to turn it not easily though coz they won with 58% and Mutharika did not perform dismally as some quotas are trying to portray it.

Back to the comparison of the two opponents. The so-called opposition in Malawi once ruled the country and was only making its come back but in Zimbabwe, the opposition never got the chance to rule.I have been following the campaigns of Malawi and the opposition was touching on real and basic issues affecting the nation but back in Zimbabwe, it was the issue of bullet trains, Airports in Mrewa among others which is not what the people of Zimbabwe need in the short term.

In these issues stated here among others, one should be able to see that the events in Zimbabwe and Malawi though seeming similar in face value are different if a close look is taken.I would like to end by congratulating the people of Malawi for getting the change which is vital for the Democratic environment it is always good to have parties taking turns to rule however with Zimbabwe its cry my loved Zimbabwe the opposition is in disarray and failing to build a formidable force against the 40-year-old regime.
Note that the views expressed here are solely the views of the writer and subject to debate, rejection, or acceptance of whichever case.  


Kumbirai Stein Chivhuna

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Source - Kumbirai Stein Chivhuna
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