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Time to down tools

01 Jul 2020 at 22:21hrs | Views
Mnangagwa's dzimbabwe ruins have tilted beyond a stable state, by far beyond the leaning tower of Pisa, Italy. Mnangagwa's walls are tumbling and a little push will see them on the ground. Why should we wait any longer while he continues ruining our lives beyond repair. He is not stopping to think, he just gives an empty order as if all is normal. Besides decaying the economy and the respect of the nation within and beyond our borders, he now removes the little dignity left in our lives, OUR EDUCATION. Seriously, my fellow countrymen, how can we let him continue with this madness. Together with his Minister Mathema, their incompetences have taken a huge toll in mismanagement and misinforming the teachers and the entire education system. It is just unbelievably insane. What is the rush? A wise leader would rather delay exams until all things are in order, other than commence the sittings and then let villagers invigilate. You have undermined the role of teachers in our society to just mere individuals whose roles in shaping our society is negligible.

My fellow Zimbabweans, we must stand up for our lives, the future of our children and our country's dignity and prosperity. Right now Zimbabwe is a case study of a failed state, run by corrupt mongers, dominated by inconsistent policies and a government with a huge appetite for spending. A country that is on the blink of collapse yet the leader continues to hire a private jet for his trips even at a time when the whole world embraced video conferencing, ED still found a way to enjoy his luxurious life of traveling.

All civil servants deserve a good remuneration. Teachers, doctors and nurses deserve to be recognised for their patriotic roles in shaping our society in their respective duties.

My fellow countrymen and women, lets join hands with the nurses and teachers in a nationwide peaceful mass action. I call upon all democratic minded societies and movements including the workers' unions to deliver this message to all their members. Time is now, lets us not wait any longer. We will die in silence. Let it be peaceful but with a strong message- Enough is Enough. We are all suffering and some can hide behind the camouflage but we are a one person being subjected to this very same torture. Together we can create a real free Zimbabwe and leaders that share a common goal with us - that of reviving Zimbabwe to its true potential. Now is the time to show solidarity to our Lives, #OUR LIVES MATTER.

Lets unite for this common cause.

Dr Takesure Tazvishaya.

Source - Dr Takesure Tazvishaya
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