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A Win for Malawians ls A Win for Zimbabweans

02 Jul 2020 at 09:04hrs | Views
Democracy has triumphed over in Malawi.The Courts proved they can deliver justice independently without external influence from those in power.

In the end the Court declared a new election after observing irregularities in Mutharika's win which could have given him another term in power.

As events in Malawi unfolded people in Zimbabwe watched with a glee of hope.People have hoped and hoped that one day things will get better. Elections, the only means to unseat a President, have come and gone with the Zanu-PF, a face of failure and tyranny,still in power.

The opposition has won, they claim, but the ruling party has used all tricks from the Communist books to circumvent the electoral process. People are bused from one constituency to another to vote, voter intimidation is used to make sure Zanu-PF stays in power. Still, the people have voted because they want change.

When an election has been stolen the only remedy seems to be the Courts.

The Courts have proved they are just an extension of Zanu-PF passing judgements that shows they have become partisan institutions. In Malawi the Courts waved the middle finger in Mutharika's face.

In Malawi the losing Mutharika fired the chief of military replacing him with his stooge. It failed to work. The Malawi military displayed professionalism as they refused to be used by politicians. People protested with a magnitude reflecting human rights respect.

A simple protest in Zimbabwe invites the whole city police as if an enemy has invaded our country.

The military has now been sucked in when there are protesting people .The military is used against the same people they claim they will protect .The military has been politicized such that they can not separate Zanu-PF from the country .It is about defending Zanu-PF not the country.

I feel sorry for these security agencies,they need to open their eyes and see the country above the ruling party. Zanu-PF is not Zimbabwe, it can go and Zimbabwe will still be there.

The corrupt leaders in Zanu-PF are enjoying while Zimbabweans swim in poverty.
When those in security  read in the media stories divulging the former police boss, Chihuri's wealth what crosses their brainwashed minds?

Malawi has given us hope that good will always triumph over bad.

The regime can fool themselves that they are indispensable but as the voices keep rising one day things will change .They can delay the change but it will come.

Source - A Kadada
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