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Frank Buyanga: An African icon sent from God

02 Jul 2020 at 12:11hrs | Views
Frank Buyanga is famous for his fast cars and power moves in different boardrooms and stock exchanges across the world. Frank Buyanga has been praised by some sections of the media while others have vilified him over his business and personal manifesto.

Few have spoken about or written about Frank Buyanga's work towards furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ. Frank Buyanga regards his job as a Preacher of God's word as his most significant job. Reverend Frank Buyanga has turned his social media pages as a pulpit where he shares the word of God with his followers.

Reverend Frank Buyanga has consistently shared the word of God on social media and has proven to be a doer of the word. Frank Buyanga and his brands rose to the occasion and served several vulnerable communities during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Frank Buyanga reached out to the Eswatini community in South Africa, Zimbabweans in South Africa, his helping hand went as far afield as Sierra Leone. Communities in areas such as Shamva in Mashonaland Central will testify that Frank Buyanga is not only a Preacher but also a doer of the word of God.

The Bible states that faith without works is dead. Frank Buyanga's works for the vulnerable and the under privileged has proven that he is a man seeking the love and peace of God with all mankind.

Frank Buyanga has also been at the forefront of exposing corrupt deeds, at the expense of some friendships and luxuries. The Word of God admonishes us to condemn all evil deeds and Frank Buyanga has chosen to walk in the path of God. It is surprising that a man of his status and power would walk in the word and ways of God when it is easier for him to conform to the world order and nature of the ruling elite.

The life and deeds of Frank Buyanga are truly inspirational to Africa's young people who need an upright pan African icon to look up to. Frank Buyanga has stood firm on his belief that Africa must fully utilise her God given resources to come out of poverty.

A lot has been said about Frank Buyanga in the media, though the good deeds that he has done as a Preacher of the word of God remain unsung. Frank Buyanga does not publicise his good deeds in line with the word of God which says if you do good in secret, God will reward you in public.

As a young African, I am inspired by Frank Buyanga and have found an icon of the young generation who is worth looking up to and emulating.

Source - Nicholas Ncube
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