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Zimbabwean problems need a military solution

05 Jul 2020 at 18:35hrs | Views
To solve problems brought by genocidists in a country, the route can never be through the popularly known ballot box but a military intervention, if indeed prosperity becomes the ultimate goal wanted by the suffering masses.

In Zimbabwe, to try and solve all problems that were born from Zanu-PF, the only viable solution is for people to get arms and fight the corrupt and murderous regime. When Zimbabwe got independence from Britain back in 1980, the ruling clique led by then Robert Mugabe committed genocide and countless sexual offences which have not been brought to book up to this day. It is, therefore, folly and disingenuous for any level headed person to think that such a regime can be ousted through elections, to face justice for heinous crimes they have committed over the years. Zanu-PF has over perfected the rigging skills and there is no way that they can handover power through elections.

Since the birth of strong opposition (1999), made of capable cadres from across ethnic divides, the opposition has never lost elections but it has been arm-twisted to see Zanu remain in power.  Reasons for this are known to all who really care and are as follows;
All institutions in Zimbabwe are Zanu-PF, the army, police, the courts and to a larger extent, even civil organisations are all Zanu. So there is no room for change because all the mentioned institutions are beneficiaries of the corrupt and murderous government. This is so because leaders in these institutions are hard Zanu liners who continue to benefit even when the economy is on its knees like now. The most expensive car in Zimbabwe is found in Harare driven by Zanu loyalists holding high positions in Zanu-PF establishments that are everywhere in Zimbabwe, from cell level to National. How then can such people work for justice when corruption has made them untouchables.

The incumbent President E. D. Mnangagwa was the state security minister at independence when more than 80 000 people were murdered in the worst genocide which remains under wraps until now, where more than 500 000 thousand women of Ndebele origin raped under his watch. When the killings were going on, the present Vice President of Zimbabwe,  Constantino Guveya Dominic Nyikadzino Chiwenga was the commander of a Shona brigade that was sent to pillage, annihilate and rape Ndebele women. He was called brigadier Chinenge then. He worked in cohorts with the Perence Shiri to kill, maim and rape all those perceived to be anti-Zanu. Now, Perence Shiri, the then operations commander during the genocide, is the minister of Agriculture and lands.

This is just to mention but a few that are in the public eye. They all have been rewarded with high posts in the land to conceal their crimes so that they remain immune to prosecutions until they die just like their mentor Robert Mugabe. These are people who are not worried about the sufferings of the Zimbabweans  but strive to protect each other and their ill-gotten wealth.

How then can a sane person ever think that such thugs can hand over power and face justice? These are people who are prepared to fight by whatever means to remain in power in order to evade justice. In fact, there have never been genocidists ousted through ballots across the globe. The only way to remove them from power and prosecute them is by waging an armed war against them, arrest and try them.

Of late, after stealing the 2018 elections, the world saw what these murderers can do when civilians were gunned down in Harare. A commission was set up to probe those wanton killings but where or how far did the recommendations of the commission go? Has there been anything to show for that except to hoodwink the world and the meek to believe that the incumbent and his band of killers have changed and want to be human?

Zimbabwe can be one of the most prosperous countries in the world if Zanu-PF is deposed but who can do that because these thugs masquerading as humans have surrounded themselves with other criminals to ensure that they stay in power and run the country as their quasi business to enrich themselves by whatever means. When other democratic countries try to intervene by talking sense of what is happening in the country, the issue of sovereignty is invoked in order to keep such voices at bay. Ironically, the SADC and even the AU uphold the sovereignty mantra when they know the truth of the problems.

It then stands to reason that the masses of Zimbabwe have to take it upon themselves, to source arms of war and fight Zanu-PF until it goes out of power and arrests all the thugs posing as presidents, ministers and justices. Afterwards, the country has to start on new dispensation different from that of Zanu whereby there shall be justice and equality for all, land audited as well lifestyles audited too to fish out the rotten apples among the innocent and peace-loving people who are prepared to earn a just living while they also pick up their fellow countrymen who have bruised and brutalised by the unrepentant Zanu-PF system that has brought only misery and dejection to a once-prosperous country.

Elections are never the way to democracy in Zimbabwe. They will be manipulated to reflect the predetermined outcomes which the SADC and the AU will quickly endorse as free and fair. That's the only governance vocabulary SADC and AU know. We have seen the flaws of these two clubs (SADC and AU) in Malawi of late. They had shamelessly conspired to subvert the will of the masses as usual.

To the people of Zimbabwe and the region as a whole, the credibility of these bodies hangs on a balance, they are out of touch with realities that are awash the region and continent.

We appeal to well-wishers to help arm us to fight our oppressors in the form of Zanu-PF with its entire leadership. They are not there to serve the people but to loot and build their own empires which are protected at the expense of the country. We want the power to be returned to the people and not politicians. We want accountability and not murders and intimidations. We want transparency and prosperity and not servitude to thugs who pose as leaders when they are plundering everything for their own use. We don't want fascists anymore but leaders that have the nation at heart.

Clearly, Mnangagwa, Chiwenga, Shiri and many within Zanu-PF are no such. They belong to jail. They hijacked the People's struggle and personalised the country such that they now think that without them there is no Zimbabwe. What a weird line of thought.

My fellow countrymen. Let's stand up and fight these killers. We can not remove them by way of elections because that is their field of expertise. They are masters of rigging to subvert the will of the people. Elections are a mere waste of time and money in Zimbabwe because the results will be known well before voting takes place. We need another way. Some may say, l am oblivious of the consequences of war, but the truth is what is not death in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is always in a state of war with its own people. There is no one to protect the people and their freedoms and rights, we are just on our own. Suffice to say, since 1980, we have been in an undeclared war and now is time to acknowledge that and fight the war to free ourselves from the jaws of Zanu tyranny. No one will do it for us.

Let's not continue to waste time thinking that we can get a fair deal through Zanu-PF managed elections. This remains a real utopia. Let's reclaim our power, our rights and freedoms from Mnangagwas and put them where they belong- behind bars if ever they escape capital punishment which befits their crimes.

Elections are not the way in Zimbabwe but the barrel of the gun.

Source - Mthwakazi Liberation Front
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